Sunday, October 10, 2004

The Magician

My nephew took off this morning. It was so nice to have him around. All my girlfriends were very impressed with how responsible he is... they saw him in action at the park on Friday. He's always invited back to visit.
My daughter had a party today at the home of a French classmate. I think there were 20 kids there ranging from 3 to 7. They had two performers, a princess who played games like "Jacques a dit" or simon says and a magician. The magician must really like his job because while the little kids were playing with the princess at the end of the party, the magician was doing card tricks for the adults. He was good! And he speaks English too!
My daughter doesn't leave my side when we go to parties. In fact, she won't go to a party if I don't promise to stay with her -- and she means it. I can not be further than an arm's length away. Other mothers think I'm just over protective, but I got a phone call during the party, walked off for 30 seconds and returned to her crying. Of course, there have been mothers who have suggested counseling, but give me a break. I can't tell you how often counseling has been recommended for my children by people while I've lived here. A few years ago it was suggested that my son go to the doctor because his handwriting wasn't up to par. He was in kindergarten, five years old. Maybe this stuff happens in the US, I just don't know.
Anyway, at the party I opened my big mouth and invited three of my daughter's friends over tomorrow for lunch. Should be interesting...
For those of you, including my father, who told me that the toothfairy is a cheapskate leaving 3 euro, thank you for the update. Who knew?

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I got 10 dollars for my first tooth and my last tooth. For all of the teeth between I think I got a dollar... and maybe a quarter? I remember change... Anyway, I was born in 1976. 3 euros doesn't sound so cheap to me! So you have the tooth fairy? My French husband insists that the tooth fairy is stupid because it's really a little mouse that comes and takes the teeth.

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