Saturday, October 16, 2004

Princess Magician

The kids had two birthday parties today. The first one, which both kids were invited to, was a Halloween birthday party. It was deguise/costume requested. My son dressed as a skeleton. My daughter, how should I describe what she wore.... well, she decided on navy tights with little faries, barbie pink plastic heel shoes, a purple tiara, and a blue shirt with the American flag. I got her to put on a turquoise poncho thing because she refused to wear a skirt, shorts or pants. What a look! The last party she went as a princess magician (the French LOVE deguise parties!). This time I couldn't even describe the look... She is so stubborn! She has plenty of dresses but just refuses. The French kids always dress in these sleeping beauty and Cinderella dresses, but my girl comes as a princess magician (jeans, hello kitty t-shirt, rainbow cape and a baton with a tiara).
My son stayed at the first party (4 hour party -- 20 kids -- no performer except the parents -- in the child's home -- only an American could take on those odds) and my daughter went (with her father) to her second party, at the Jardin D'Acclimatation (it's very popular because it's close by). The kids went on a few rides at the park. A party like this costs around 20 euro a kid. Does anyone know the going rate for a party in the US?
I spent the day re-covering my dining room chairs. I think I spent 3 months trying to find the perfect fabric. My friend said "you are so lucky because you have all those wonderful French fabrics to choose from." I guess she's right, but she made me think I should really look around. I even spent one morning looking at the BIG fabric place in St. Pierre. But I really couldn't find anything. I ended up going down the street to the local Bouchara and bought some blue fabric with blue velvet stripes. This morning I covered the chairs with my new fabric and used my new staple gun that a friend bought me at BHV, a most wonderful superstore near the Hotel de Ville. The chairs look great. Even my husband said so, and he doesn't notice much.

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Salut, un petit commentaire en français pour te souhaiter la bienvenue sur la carte des blogs de Paname Ensemble.
So, welcome on the Paname Ensemble blogs map :-)
N'hésite pas à signaler sur ton blog sur quelle ligne de métro ou de RER tu es, ça sera sympa.

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Hi, thanks for visiting my site. I live near to La Rochelle. What are you doing in Paris? Those cookery classes sound delicious!!

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I love the description of your daughter's outfit. She sounds like quite a character. My one friend's son has been talking about "Halloween" for months now. Three times a day he asks her when it is going to be Halloween. He is only 3. For the longest time he wanted to be a "fireman" and then he stumbled across those horrible Power Rangers and that is his latest obsession. His mother thinks there is something seriously wrong with his obsession with Halloween.


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Thanks for all the tips. We have only been in Paris for 3 months, but love the city already. Any ideas for a 4 year old girls party in January? The magic museum sounds great for my son,age 7, but a bit to advanced for 4 year olds...

# posted by noodles : 9:07 PM  

At 4 years old, I found that most kids have their birthday party at their home with a magician/princess that comes to entertain for 2.5 hours or so. If that doesn't appeal to you there are many ideas in that Fodor's book .. "what to do with kids in Paris."

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 3:50 PM  

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