Friday, November 12, 2004

Paris Street Signs

We had another tour of the Louvre today, focusing on the history of France. We started with a gallery which holds twenty-one pictures which Rubens painted for Marie de Medici. It's a breathtaking room. We took a look at pictures of all the Kings of France to follow. We ended up with the last of the Kings -- the Louis XIV, Louis XV, and Louis XVI. In this last segment, I noticed a number of pictures by Jacques Louis David.

A charming thing about Paris is that nearly all the streets are named after important people. If it was somebody famous in French history (and some from other countries), you can be sure there is a street named after the person (exception to the rule: Napoleon, although there is one street named Bonaparte). In the 16th, where I live, there are streets named after George Sand, Paul Doumer, and Victor Hugo. The street signs are little history lessons, because they usually have a brief explanation of what the person did in life. I live close to Louis David street and was hit by that fact today at the Louvre. So I took pictures of the sign and one picture I saw today by Louis David. Cool.

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I really do like the way the streets are named here. One of my favorite streets is Avenue President Wilson, and we've got a Victor Hugo and an Avenue Patton too. Troyes was liberated by Patton during the war, so there are a lot of World War II era-themed street names here.

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Did the hubby have luck replacing the video card in the computer?

the hubby's bro

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Yes. It was a long fight with the computer, but my husband won. Now he's thinking about buying a new computer to go with the new (wonderful) screen.

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