Saturday, November 20, 2004

Thanksgiving Preparation

In preparation for Thanksgiving this Thursday my husband has ordered our turkey. Every year we order a turkey from the local butcher. It's a special order for him so we try to order a week or so ahead of time. You have no option on turkey weight, it's one size fits all. You pay the butcher 50 euro, tell him what time you want it ready and then bring home the most delicious roti turkey you've ever tasted right to your Thanksgiving table and start carving. It's very practical because I'm not sure a turkey could fit into my French size oven (that's my excuse, at least).
My husband noticed that this year they actually have a sign up about ordering turkeys for Thanksgiving. Guess there really are a lot of Americans in my neighborhood. If you live in Paris and want to order a roti turkey for yourself, call them up at Boucheries Fillion 01 47 27 31 88.

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I order a turkey every year at the market from the "volailles lady" as I call her. Then I cook the turkey at home. I do it over the weekend though since I always have to work on Thursday. Every year we invite more people. This will be my 4th and biggest Thanksgiving in France and I'm not so excited about it this year, even though it's usually my favorite holiday. I guess it's the whole wedding I just planned. Thanksgiving seems like a lot of work for one day... a lot like the wedding.

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Ready cooked turkey? Wonder if you can get them at Christmas......?

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After planning a wedding you need a break! Congrats, btw.
I really believe believe my Thanksgiving dinner will be low stress because the bird is already cooked. You should have people bring side dishes or a dessert to ease your burden. Your friends would understand.
Yes, the butcher sign about roti turkey's went up right before Thanksgiving, but you can order one for Christmas. Maybe your local butcher could roti a turkey too? Worth the ask.

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