Saturday, November 13, 2004

A Tiny View of the Kids

Boy am I tired. The American Church in Paris had an arts and craft sale today and I helped volunteer to sell used books. I arrived at the Church before 9am and left around 6pm. I was on my feet all day. I did buy some great used English books for the kids. English books are so expensive over here because there is usually at least a 25% mark-up on the cost for shipping it to France from England or the US. People were grabbing up the books.
My husband watched the kids while I was at the Church all day. So many people asked me who was watching the kids. When I responded that my husband was watching them, people asked if he was going to be in a harried state when I returned. But I knew he would not. The place may be in a bit worse shape, but my husband enjoys hanging out with the children. He was even a stay at home father for a few months (until he got this great job offer which required us to move to Paris -- then I became the stay at home caretaker). He agrees this parenting thing is a two person job and I know I'm lucky to have him.
Since I didn't get to see the kids much today (and my son left for a playdate shortly before I got home) I am going to put one of my favorite Paris pictures of kids on the blog. It was taken at the Parc Floral on the east side of Paris. It's part of the large Bois de Vincennes which also has a racetrack and zoo.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
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