Sunday, November 14, 2004

The Modern Fountain

After yesterday it was a late start today. After I served up the blueberry pancakes (since I couldn't yesterday), I did a couple of things and then looked at the clock. It was already 11:30am! We had been invited over for Sunday dinner by a co-worker of my husband. We were supposed to be there around noon and they live across town. So we got organized as fast as we could and drove over to the 4th. The friends live very close to the Modern Art Museum, Centre Pompidou. We don't get over to that area of Paris often so after a nice dinner and movie we decided to take a walk before driving home. My husband and I always enjoy taking a look at the modern art fountain on one side of the museum. I took a picture, but it is hard to capture how "fun" it is -- at least with my picture.
The kids loved the fountain. We took pictures of the lip fountain spitting at them. We had them lower their heads so it looked like they were wearing the hat fountain. You can see the heart, snake, skeleton head fountains in the picture I took. It's well worth a look next time you're in the area.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
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Great pictures as usual!

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