Sunday, November 28, 2004

Third is a Charm

After about 10 glasses of Champagne, my three day weekend of Thanksgiving festivities has ended. Our third and final Thanksgiving dinner was last night. The kids were invited to the dinner, so it started earlier. I think we sat down to eat at 8:30pm. This was the first dinner where we had most of the traditional Thanksgiving treats ... fresh cranberries, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes... it was delicious. In Paris, you can only buy cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving or Le Bon Marche, which are far from me and I didn't bother with my dinner, so it was a real treat.
It was a relaxed evening with friends. I think, in part, that was because there were 9 kids in attendance. I realize that sounds strange -- that it was relaxing with kids -- but I think we were more relaxed knowing our children were having a good time with their friends too. They all stayed up until midnight, when we left. They didn't even fall asleep in the car. Though they were feeling their late night adventure this morning. All the kids woke up late, and my son asked, "is there school this morning?" in a way that said he'd never make it if there was. Today we will just hang out around the apartment.
Today it feels like the Thanksgiving holiday really will end... my sister (south of France), her child and my husband (South Africa) all leave today. It's going to seem downright quiet around here.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
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We're home safe and sound--it was a great weekend, thanks! But I'm feeling a little homesick for some turkey...

# posted by Louise : 6:36 PM  

I was "thankful" that I only had to eat turkey twice. Once for the main meal and the second time as leftovers. I am sure my Mom wanted to send me "home" with leftovers and I am glad she was not able to.

And the champagne is going to be the death of me. I love that the French like to serve it before a meal, but it always goes right to my head and I inevitably pay for it the next day.


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A lot of American foods, including cranberry sauce (Ocean Spray, both berried and jellied) can be found at the Real McCoy over on the rue de Grenelle in the 7th. Some of their items seem to be a bit cheaper than at Thanksgiving.


# posted by L'Amerloque : 9:03 PM  

I always forget about the Real McCoy, not sure why. We head to the US once or twice a year and we go to an American PX once a year and I fill up on American food at those times. I always forget about cranberry sauce because it's not my favorite (although I like it more now that I can't have it). I just can't bear to go into those stores for the smallest box in existence of some item and pay 10 times what it would normally cost. It just takes the enjoyment out of it for me.

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