Wednesday, November 03, 2004

We're Back

My husband was very concerned when he saw my draft blog post on Friday detailing the trip and the time we'd be gone. "Don't tell people we are leaving town!" Normally, I agree with him, but really, if you wanted to steal stuff out of our apartment while we were gone, it would have been 1. difficult to find out where I live; 2. less productive than some of the other apartments in my neighborhood with much better stuff than ours; and 3. really difficult to steal anything bulky or heavy without attracting a lot of attention. The doors in most of the Parisian apartments I've visited are at least 9 feet tall. They have double bolts that essentially do prevent anyone from entering that way. (I did hear about some crazy thieves that tried with axes, but didn't actually get into the apartment before they gave up) Usually, if a thief gets into an apartment they do so through the 6 foot windows, but that means they leave that way too -- the only thing to steal is jewelry -- and I really don't have much. I'd much rather spend my money on travel than jewelry.
I tell you this because we were gone for 5 days. After the long weekend in Nice, we took a train to Genoa, Italy for a night and then Turin. We just returned a couple of hours ago. The apartment is safe again now that we are back in town.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
5:51 PM



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