Tuesday, December 07, 2004

French Tree Stand

Last night the husband and kids went out into the dark and cold to find our Christmas Tree. My husband carried the wonderfully shaped tree home and place it near the window. The whole process took about 15 minutes, if that. In part, it was this easy because the flower, in this case tree store was only a block or so away. Another reason it was so simple is because you buy the Christmas tree with a block of wood for the stand. I will never forget the amount of time my family spent a. finding the tree stand, b. putting the tree into the stand, c. tightening the stand and then re-tightening it what felt like a million times until the tree was straight, and finally d. watering the tree every few days. Here the tree gets hammered into the wooden mount and 5 minutes later it is standing perfectly straight in my living room. It's a beautiful thing.

Here is a picture of the stand. The tree is bare right now. We didn't have time to decorate last night, so the kids (and parents) are looking forward to coming home tonight and taking out their favorite ornaments to place on the tree. Should be fun.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
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That's neat! I wonder if anyone 'States-side' uses that.

Can't wait to see the finished tree...!

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I always wondered about that when I was there. It did look so pretty! Since the tree is in the wood base, does that mean it won't dry out? It seems like it would dry up b/c you can't water it. What's the deal?


# posted by Anonymous : 7:18 PM  

I love the "block" idea. I always hated having to wedge myself under the tree to tighten those darn bolts so that the tree would remain upright.

And you have just given me an idea for something to post! My Christmas Tree planting experience.


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