Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Two Free Tickets

After I served my daughter and her friends lunch, I brought them back to the school and headed out to the Vignerons Independants de France at the Porte de Versailles. My friend ended up getting last minute free tickets, so we went to taste some wine. Basically, there were 1000 independent French wine sellers at this exposition. As you enter the expo, they give you a wine glass and you're off to taste the wines of any of the 1000 producers. There was Champagne and Cognac too. I ended up buying a few Christmas gifts.

Another friend ended up getting tickets to the Moulin Rouge that he won in a auction. His wife couldn't go, so he asked me along. So last night, I headed out to the Moulin Rouge. I'd never been there before. What a show! There were skits with: the circus (with ponies!), a medusa act where a woman, in the end, jumps into a clear water pool with about 4 HUGE pythons (I believe they were pythons), the can-can, contortionists, a magic show, a ventriloquist (he was great), acrobats and there were lots of big, crazy outfits. For many of the skits, some women were bare-breasted. Most of the time, the women wore a decorative strap right below their chest (to hold their costume up?)and I couldn't help thinking they should just pull it up and cover up. It was a bit disconcerting for the woman to wear outfits where their whole body was covered except the breasts. But my friend didn't seem concerned by this. He had a good time, remarking that he'd like to see if he could buy one of the outfits for his wife. Well, Christmas isn't too far away.....

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Auntie M-

I am so sad, because I had free tickets to the Wine Expo and I meant to go, but I was too jet lagged to remember. Hopefully, I will get to go next year. But, I know if I had gone, I would have had too much to drink and I would have ended up buying way too many bottles of wine. I know because that is what happened to me in Portugal and now I have all of this port.


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Looks like I'll be spending a few days in January in Paris... what say we have a blogmeet? I'll be happy to help Jason drink his port.... :P

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Sounds like a great idea Vivi -- especially about helping poor Jason with all his port! Let me know what weekend you are thinking about...

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Roger M. Christian

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