Monday, December 20, 2004

Let it Snow

Well, after one full day in the US, it snowed. I woke up this morning (4:15am, thank you) and found the ground covered in snow. I guess after I went to sleep last night (8pm, thank you) it rained. So although we only had three inches of snow accumulation, my niece had a snow day today. Her first of the school year. Apparently, there was a nice thick layer of ice under the snow.
As a result, today we continue with the Christmas activities. Yesterday we made about 18 dozen cookies. It took about 5 hours to bake all those cookies, but what fun for the whole family. Today we decorated the tree, went sledding and have plans to find a store that sells gingerbread houses (going out after the ice melts a bit). It's nice to drive around the area to see the Christmas lights and decorations -- you just don't see lighted reindeer eating grass on the streets of Paris. Go figure.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
4:10 PM



Auntie M-

That is so much fun that you got snow. I hope that it stays through Christmas, so you can have the often sung about "White Christmas."

18 dozen cookies? Are you trying to feed the eastern seabord?


# posted by Anonymous : 11:00 PM  

And in Paris you don't often see lawns.

Am desperately jealous about the snow, being Canadian and all... I miss it so. But, revenge shall be mine! It's supposed to snow tonight here!

So far, not a flake.

# posted by NARDAC : 3:45 AM  

Well, it snowed in Paris this morning. For about an hour. Unfortunately, no accumulation. I attempted to take pictures of it, but the flakes were too small to capture digitally.


# posted by Anonymous : 11:21 AM  

i'm so glad that you and your family got snow! maryse

# posted by Anonymous : 1:06 PM  

A new reader here...Saw your sign, pulled up a stool, ordered a gingerale and said, "Pourquoi pas?" Happy Christmas blessings! I look forward to reading further on your interesting life...

# posted by Bonnie : 5:30 PM  

ha ha HA!
got a photo of the snow! come see...

# posted by NARDAC : 6:18 PM  

Welcome back to the States! You sound like you haven't missed a Christmas beat since touch down.
We have't done cookies yet....

# posted by BohemianMama : 7:13 PM  

Jason and NARDAC, So it snowed in Paris! Sorry to have missed it. It's such a beautiful sight and it never lasts long. I hope you got a couple of pictures.
Bonnie, Wecome to the blog. I look forward to hearing from you.
BM, I am so exhausted since I arrived! My daughter woke me at 3:30am. I'm afraid she's trying to kill me. It's only 6pm now and I really want to go to sleep.

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 12:20 AM  

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