Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I've taken a picture of one of my favorite apartment buildings in Paris. It's one of my favorites because it has a cupola, a dome shaped structure on top. One of the best things about the Parisian architecture, as far as I'm concerned, is the interesting shapes you find.

Most of the corner building have rounded edges. Some older building come to a point at the corner expanding in the shape of a triangle. I always wonder what you do with such a narrow room. Yesterday I found a building that actually looks like an undulating wave on the roof. I almost couldn't take my eyes off the building. These buildings just don't seem practical, but maybe that is why they are so interesting.

But this neighborhood building with the cupola occupies my imagination every day I pass it. The cupola room must be immense. I understand that usually the cupola rooms are not divided, they are just big circular rooms.

How would you arrange your furniture or paintings when there are no flat walls? What would you use the room for? The kids play room? The Bedroom? A fitness room (you'd want to go to the exercise room to regard the views of Paris each morning). My mind wanders at the possibility.

I liked the way the light was hitting the building the other day, so I took a picture.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
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Hi Auntie M! I came over from Cocquette's site and have been enjoying your writing. I'm delurking to say what a pretty picture! I love walking and driving to look at architecture, but we don't have anything like that here (southern California).

Re: your preceding post about language: I was told in a college linguistics class that as young children (pre-puberty), we learn languages with one part of our brain, while after approximately age 11 to 13, we use a completely physically different part of the brain. At the older age, language is learned in the same way as a skill like math, and uses that part of the brain. How great that your kids are learning so much, and that your so supportive!

-Jecca (http://jecca.typepad.com)

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Where is this?

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Shame over the wrong your/you're. Sigh. Always use the preview feature!


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Welcome to the blog. Thank you for the comments. I always enjoy hearing from people. You had me really worried because I thought you were saying I wrote your when it should have been you're! It's easy to make mistakes, especially if you are writing something quick. I make mistakes on comments because I can't spell check. Regarding the language thing... the kids do seem to enjoy and absorb languages but I understand from other parents, that they lose it pretty quick too. Ugh!
CMAC, The building is on Georges Mandel. There's another one near Passy that I love too.

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 8:46 PM  

A beautiful photo! - thanks for sharing. Yes, I agree with you that Parisian architecture is very interesting. And, it does seem impractical yet I believe there is a French thought in integrating beauty into what is placed in ones' surroundings (look at your parks, streets, old/new buildings).

I could not figure how one moved in and out of these buildings - the inner stairways were so narrow. It was not until I witnessed people moving their things through the front windows through "lifts/cranes". My son's host family (in Paris) laughed at me for being so intrigued by this method of moving and taking pictures. Is this still a new way of moving to you also?

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A, Welcome to the blog. Beauty is of primary importance here. It drives me crazy when the beautify the kids parks with fragile flowers. The kids just want grass! Yes, that outside elevator they use here is a wonder. I will definitely take a picture next time I see one. They are amazing.

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 9:20 PM  

Thats an incredible building..we dont have many structures that look like that in Canada and the few that we do are government buildings. Very nice picture!!

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I love that photo. I don't know why, but that building seems so romantic! I'd probably have my little nook situated in a room like that... my little hide-away. With a big comfy chair, sketch pads and pencils, and my knitting. :)

# posted by Margie : 11:10 PM  

when i brought my husband to france to meet the family it was the first time he had ever left the united states. the first day that we spent in paris he kept asking me what all of these beautiful buildings were because he couldn't believe that they were just apartments.

maryse http://morici.typepad.com/bag_n_trash

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