Friday, January 14, 2005

Friendly Shopping

My friend asked if I'd like to go shopping with her this morning at one of the large department stores. We met at our local metro stop and decided to shop at Galeries Lafayette. The metro drops you right off to the basement of the store. You don't even have to walk outside.

I wouldn't have gone to one of the major department stores on the third day of the sales if I wasn't with my friend. But, I was surprised that the store was not mobbed with people. My friend bought two handbags (although she is having buyers remorse on one...) and a fitted coat while I was there (she stayed when I had to leave to pick up my daughter). She inspired me to find something I really needed and apparently it was a Christian Lacroix shirt marked down by 40%. For the first time since I've been in Paris I actually used my 10% off card that all Americans seem to have, so I saved even more money. I love my purchase.

Here is a picture of the dome at the Galeries Lafayette store.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
10:16 PM



Ohhh how I miss those Paris sales. I got a lot of great deals the two+ years I lived there. You need to expand your horizon Auntie M and get out there and shop!!! Especially since you have Euros and are not getting hammered by the dollar.

Love all your photos. I miss Paris.....

# posted by Anonymous : 2:31 AM  

Good for you! That sounds like a day of fun...Your shirt sounds fabulous! You should post a picture of yourself wearing your new find! ;)


-great photos by the way!

# posted by Carrie : 2:55 AM  

hey! I was there this afternoon too!!!!
btw, let's have a pic that of the Lacroix shirt. not fair.

# posted by NARDAC : 3:41 AM  

I agree, you need to post a pic with you wearing the shirt but I want to see the face glitter on you like the models on the site. (hee hee)

# posted by BohemianMama : 4:04 AM  

Congratulations on getting a great buy! I bought a coat on Friday at Cyrillus, and some clothes for Elliot. I might hit the grands magasins next week...wish I knew where that Galerie Lafayette discount card was.

# posted by Lisa : 6:36 PM  

CMAC, I wish you could be here to shop with me. You do it better than I do. Thanks for the photo compliment.. it means a lot coming from you.
Carrie, Good to hear from you. I missed you posting. I'll have to think about a picture of the shirt. NARDAC, BH and Carrie, I'll think about posting a picture. It's a pretty tame shirt... nothing flamboyant.
Lisa, I like the stuff at Cyrillus. The discount card is available at any of the groups: MESSAGE,AWG, WICE. Otherwise, I think you can pick up a card at the store itself (Printemps and Galeries)-- customer service.

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 9:02 PM  

Can you believe, I didn't even know about the 10% off card for "tourists"! I will be looking into that for sure!!

# posted by Anonymous : 12:30 AM  

^ that last comment was me, BTW, and I forgot to say thanks for writin' about the sales!!

# posted by Anonymous : 12:31 AM  

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