Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Rainy Day

This week and next is the spring break in Paris. As usual, most of the French kids have left town for their country home and many of the other children left for a week trip somewhere. So my children often have only each other for their entertainment. Yesterday it rained and the kids needed to get out. So we took our scooters and rode around. They had so much fun riding through the puddles on the street.

It reminded me that on a rainy day a few weeks ago I looked out my kitchen window to find this beautiful rainbow. It was so long and brightly colored that I ran to take a picture.

So, our rainy day turned into a damp, cold evening. We had our weekly "date night" scheduled for last night. Neither of us wanted to go far in this weather, so we decided on a local favorite.... our fondue restaurant and it is definitely not a middle of July meal. It's the best fondue place we've found in Paris. The ones in the Latin Quarter don't compare. I didn't think of you, dear reader, until the meal was almost over. It's just that good.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
6:25 PM



I've never had fondue before...

They have this restaurant down here completely devoted to fondue, it's called "The Melting Pot." There's one down in Tampa. I've never been there, but their chocolate fondue is really really popular, where you can dip strawberries and stuff in. Those things have been like the ultimate treat for me since I was little. Last time I had one was when we went to Ghirardelli at Downtown Disney last year...

Have you been through the exodus of people that I hear happens every late July/August in the major European cities? That's just something we don't have here.

# posted by Joe : 4:50 AM  

ok Auntie M, you have no idea how crazy i am fondue and how i want to eat want so BAD these days!!!!!!! i was even thinking about going to Deauville to get one!!!! please, tell me what's and where's the restaurant!!!!

# posted by irene : 7:03 AM  

Joe, I was in Tampa last July to visit my father. We went to Disneyland with the kids and let me tell you there was an exodus of people there! The interesting thing about Paris in August, at least, is that all Parisians are gone and the city is filled with tourists instead. Most of the local stores are closed but everything is open in the tourist areas. It's really weird.
Irene, This place, GR5 in the 16th, has the best "fondue savoyarde." Let me know what you think.

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 7:50 AM  

We like G5 too, but I think it's a bit expensive. I need to get back there at least once more before the weather gets too warm for fondue.

# posted by Lisa : 10:54 AM  

My husband's aunt and uncle are visiting from Canada and we'd like to take them out for dinner. A fondue meal sounds like fun. Do you have another favourite restaurant that you could recommend, in case they don't like fondue?

# posted by Oz : 12:30 PM  

The fondue restaurants in the Latin Quarter scare me. But I do see their owners lurking in the doorway on such a regular basis and they're like, "why don't you come inside?" and I'm thinking, "vats of low grade bubbling cheese" that's why.

It's a shame. Fondue is good fun :)

# posted by Coquette : 1:38 PM  

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