Wednesday, November 03, 2004

About the Trip

So we were away for 5 days. I believe that it rained every day. There is one question I am regularly asked, and was asked again yesterday, "do your children travel well?" I usually respond that it is never easy to travel with children, but you just have to have a good attitude. I mean, our kids won't stop us from traveling and we'd rather travel with them than without them.
But let me tell you.... to take a "vacation" with your kids where it rains every day really tests your "attitude." On the last day, yesterday in Turin, it poured all day long. For some unknown reason .. no comprehension of the distance, belief that the rain might stop, a miscommunication between husband and wife.... we walked for 45 minutes in the rain to see the Shroud of Turin. We arrived late in the day and in the rain and we were the only visitors there. As a result, they treated us like famous people. They told us to wait a minute so they could set up the English version of the Shroud movie in the auditorium. We got there, took off our wet coats and relaxed while the kids laid down (it was a lot of walking). After the movie they gave us a tour of the facilities. The volunteers were so nice. They didn't seem to notice when the kids were irreverently chasing each other on the alter that displays the replica Shroud in the Chapel or when the kids played hide and seek in the historical display room, although the volunteer did "tsk,tsk" my son when he got too close to the ornate casket the Shroud was carried in. But she felt bad and offered the kids candy (I love Italy!).
Other points about the trip: Turin is the proud host of the 2006 Winter Olympics. We had a nice time checking out all the official Olympic merchandise. The kids liked playing with the Neve and Gliz mini balls around the store and I'm sure the salesclerks will remember them for a long time.
Genoa was a lovely harbor city.... lots of luxury yachts, restaurants on the water, and some cute stores. There was also a new playground area for the kids. Once again, probably a lot more fun without the rain.
Nice was a pleasant place to visit. The kids certainly liked the stone beach, but spending two days there was enough for us, rain or not.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
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my children are starting to travel a bit better, when they have a friend on the other end of the trip. we should plan a trip with you guys sometime, you sound like you are expert travelers.

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We are still going skiing together, right?

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 6:18 PM  

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