Monday, January 24, 2005

Van Gogh

On the way back from Amiens we noticed a sign for Auvers sur Oise. Since we only stayed in Amiens for a little while, we had some time before we needed to get back home.

I've been wanting to take a trip to Auvers for a while. It is the town where Vincent Van Gogh lived his last three months after he was released from the Saint-Rémy asylum in 1890. Van Gogh painted many great works during those three months until he committed suicide in July. He is buried in the public cemetery in Auvers.

Auvers is a charming little town with a quaint church, a park and a classic Chateau with well manicured grounds where the children had fun running around. You can also visit the Ravoux Inn, the house where Vincent and his brother Theo lived.

As far as I could tell, Van Gogh created nearly 80 paintings in those three months in Auvers. Around town there are bulletin boards with replications of each masterpiece next to the place he painted. Amazing. We came upon the "The Church at Auvers" before we realized it was that church -- the one from the painting we've seen so many times in Musee D'Orsay!

Can anyone tell me the name of those trees in the foreground? I will miss them when I return to the US! They are beautiful in their own way.

And.. Auvers is only 30 minutes outside of Paris -- an easy day trip.

Those are plastic sunflowers someone placed on Vincent's grave.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
3:03 PM



Sounds like a great outing--I think we'll take your advice and go at least to Auvers sur Oise. We went to Amiens years ago sans enfants, in the spring, and one of our favorite things was the kitchen gardens on the little islands along the canals.

# posted by Lisa : 5:46 PM  

How beautiful! I loved the previous post too. I would be so slack jawed at all the beauty of France. Is that how they know your an American?

Thanks for sharing.

# posted by BohemianMama : 2:24 AM  

I think those trees are what we used to call lime (lyme trees. Known as London planes? Here are some pictures:


I hate the way they are cut back; they look like gnarled hands reaching up to the sky. We have them in our village, they grow back very quickly in the spring.

# posted by Anji : 11:25 AM  

ohhh Vincent--- I hope your spirit is somewhere safe and at peace--- thanks for bringing us along Auntie M!

# posted by Anonymous : 4:56 PM  

Hi - great pics and info...Auvers sur Oise looks beautiful...or should I say "Bein oui là, C'est freakin' cool"? (haha).

(I'm anonymous from a couple of posts ago - finally remembered my blogger pword)

I should also add that not all Franophones here sound like that -- although you do hear it a fair bit.... It was hard for me to understand when I first moved here!

# posted by Laura : 8:58 PM  

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