Friday, January 21, 2005

The Mairie

After school I usually take my kids to the local playground. The park closes around 5:30pm every night, meaning a city guard comes by, blows his whistle and tells us to leave. So I usually walk home around the same time every night. Recently, I've noticed just how beautiful the Mairie/Town Hall looks as I walk by. The soft lighting on the ubiquitous yellow/orange/cream stone is mesmerizing, at least for me. I hope you get a sense of how serene and majestic it looks.

Also, in the news today.... the movie of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code begins shooting in the Louvre this May... right in the heat of tourist season.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
9:21 PM



C'est beau!

# posted by Teriyaki : 6:41 AM  

That's exciting about the filming--- but I am so disappointed about Tom Hanks being given that role-- he is SO wrong for it. Grrr. And thanks and thanks for the lovley photos you put up. They make my day! ~bluepoppy

# posted by Anonymous : 2:06 PM  

Hey, can you give us newcomers a brief synopsis of what's going on? Why are you in Paris, how long will you be there, etc.

Lovely picture

# posted by Philip : 7:49 PM  

Bp, Yes, I didn't think Tom Hanks was the best pick. There is so much hype for the book and now the movie that I wonder if my expectations will be too high anyway.
Philip, You are so kind to ask. I'll write something up in the next few days.

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 10:42 PM  

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