Sunday, February 13, 2005


My husband took my daughter across town to play with her cousin for the afternoon. He'll be back in the next 15 minutes because he has to leave town tonight for a work trip to Switzerland. He'll be gone for most of the week.

My son has just been picked up by his friend's mother who knows I'm sick. She is so kind to pick him up. So I have a few precious minutes to myself before the commotion of family life begins again.

I am still pretty sick. It feels like an electric shock every time I try to swallow. The good news is that I will feel better in a day or two....because the February vacation begins on Saturday.. better sick now than on vacation. Many people go skiing during this two week break. We will too, for one week. But I can't think about snow and skiing right now. I'm thinking only about returning to my warm bed while it is quiet.

Thank you all for your kind notes to me and my family while we've been sick. I do appreciate it.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
3:11 PM



Aww, I hope you're feeling better soon, Auntie M :)

# posted by Katia : 7:40 PM  

Hope you're getting lots of rest. Take care and get well soon!

# posted by Oz : 7:44 PM  

I hope you get better sooner.
Get lots of rest and drink lots of liquids.

Have fun on your ski trip.
I heard vacation was last week. Maybe it's different in different parts of France?

# posted by Anna in Dijon : 10:58 PM  

Hope this note finds you on the the recovery route (esp. for the ski break). Have a good week. Terry in SF

# posted by Anonymous : 12:38 AM  

I wish you get well soon.
BTW, I really like your daughter's picture in the Hello Kitty yukata!

# posted by Teriyaki : 6:04 AM  

That is such a bummer! I am sorry you are feeling under the weather. I have missed being able to comment on your journal each day. I will try much harder this week! I enjoy my time spent in "your Paris" every day!


# posted by Carrie : 6:48 AM  

Hey Auntie. You're better off wrapped up nice and warm in bed in this cold weather. It was snowing down here this morning :(

A nice glass of warm Syrop de Citron with some honey always helps the throat.

# posted by Daniel : 10:30 AM  

I hope you're feeling better. Drink warm lemon juice and honey. And hot milk infused with garlic works wonders...and isn't half as bad as it sounds.

Oh, were you not asking for natural remedies? :-) Take you damned TheraFlu then! :-))

Anna in Dijon, it is different in different parts of France. And Paris and régions are divided into "holiday zones."

# posted by RighteousBiche : 11:02 AM  

Hi M.,

I've been in NY and am just catching up on your blog. So sorry to hear you've all been sick. My littlest was out of school with the flu for a week just before my trip, and I was afraid I'd come down with it and have to cancel. Fortunately, no one else caught it, not even the grandparents who were visiting at that time. Feel better, and let me know if I can help with anything.

# posted by Lisa : 3:02 PM  

Katia, Oz, Anna, Terry, Teriyaki, and Lisa thank you for your kind thoughts. I do finally feel a bit better.
Care, So glad to finally hear from you!
Daniel and RB, I always have lemon with hot water and honey to drink when I'm sick. It always makes me feel better.
RB, You are too funny. I do like my Theraflu... but only at night!
Anna, RB is correct... different parts of France have different weeks of vacation off. Check out http://www.education.gouv.fr/prat/calendrier/calendrier.php

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 4:17 PM  

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