Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Mardi Gras

Today was Mardi Gras and those in the maternelle/pre-k section of the school celebrated the holiday. The children dressed in the fashion of the those of Brittany past. That means the girls wore aprons decorated with lace tops. The boys wore black pants and black wide-brimmed hats. After lunch, to celebrate Brittany and Mardi Gras, crepes were prepared for the children by a woman dressed in traditional Breton clothing (I'm told -- obviously, I wasn't there!).

After the gouter/snack of crepes they ate candy, drank juice and threw lots of confetti around the play area at school. Who said they don't have fun at school? Ok, so I did. Well, today the maternelle children had a lot of fun and were pretty much on a sugar high when the parents got to the school for pick up.

To run off some of the sugar and because it was a wonderful spring day here, some of us took our kids to the park. While my son was playing soccer in the fenced off grassy area (just for show, not for play!), my daughter goofed around with her friend. This friend goes to another school, an international school. At that school, they celebrated Chinese New Year today. Don't the girls look cute together?

-- said Auntie M in Paris
6:30 PM



How wonderful to be in Paris where everyday is a moveable feast! <3

# posted by Ogja, Darkchick.com2005, Ademon,Sunshiney : 8:16 PM  

That's a wonderful celebration - Mardi Gras at school. I can imagine the sugar energy level at school when you came to pick them up! And the blond hair contrasts well with the red dress! (Phonetically) Next time you see your daughter's friend you can say "nay-ho-ma?" (how are you?). My son's school shares space with a Int. Chinese school, I wonder if he got to see some of the Chinese celebrations too.
You know, you are a cool mom - in most of your entries you mention you are doing something for your kids - nice.
Terry in SF

# posted by Anonymous : 9:04 PM  

lovely costumes-- I can understand why you want them to cover their faces-- but too bad we couldn't see their expressions--

btw, I really enjoyed reading your "about" page . .


# posted by Anonymous : 9:13 PM  

Too cute!!! I agree with BP, your new "about" section is lovely. P.S. I lived on S street in Georgetown one summer while interning in D.C. My housemates and I were big fans of Cactus Cantina :) I do miss good Mexican food in Paris.

# posted by Coquette : 9:22 PM  

What a couple of cutie pies!

# posted by BohemianMama : 10:04 PM  

Edith, Thanks for your comment. Paris does seem like a moveable feast and I'm having a good time!
Terry, Your son will probably see the celebrations tomorrow.. I think that is the actual New Year. Thanks for your compliment about being a mom. I do try -- some days I do a better job that others.
BP, Both girls are really photogenic and look adorable in their costumes. I am a bit biased, of course.
Coquette, I wonder if we were neighbors. We lived at 25th and Q in one of those big red apartment buildings. It was a fantastic location. I miss it.
BM, Thanks!

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 12:16 AM  

Auntie M -

I absolutely love your blog. It gives you such a feel for day to day life in paris - and while i've never been - i've had a love affair with the city for many years. For some reason i've always been drawn to Paris - and reading your blog gives me a lovely glimpse into life in the 'city of lights'. Keep writing - it's so very enjoyable!

All the best - Kaia

# posted by Kaia : 1:01 AM  

Oh they are so cute and I just love the pose !!! the main defile for the chinese year will be saturday and sunday, I guess saturday in the XIII and sunday at Hotel de ville. I ll go to the Hotel de ville ! :-)

# posted by negrito : 8:35 AM  

I didn't realize why they were covering their faces until I came back a second time!

The costumes are very cute!

Hey Coquette, there's some excellent Mexican in Paris! One just off Saint Germain, which is more high-end cuisine, and one in the 2nd, which I adore, called a la Mexicaine on rue Quincampoix. These are authentic -- not US Mexican.

# posted by RighteousBiche : 9:24 AM  

Kaia, Welcome and thank you for your comment. I hope you continue to enjoy reading the blog.
Negrito, I didn't realize the festivities were on Sunday. I might have to go check them out.
RB and Coquette, There is another good, but pricey, Mexican place that we like: Anahuacalli, 30 Rue des Bernardins, 75005

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 9:54 AM  

So cute. I was wondering why I saw all of the little kids were dressed up yesterday.

When I visit D.C. I usually stay with my Godmother who lives at 18th and Q. What a small, small world.


# posted by Anonymous : 10:32 AM  

They look lovely. We used to get the kids coming round dressed up and asking for sweets, they seem to do that for Halloween now. I had three kids turn up yesterday, they didn't even dress up and I didn't have anything to give them. Not very successful. We're on holiday here so I don't know if they celebrated before they broke up. I miss the maternelle.

# posted by Anji : 10:41 AM  

I think that's the one I'm thinking of, off St Germain.

# posted by RighteousBiche : 1:43 PM  

Hi Auntie –

>>While my son was playing soccer in the fenced
>>off grassy area (just for show, not for play!)

This is a huge bone of contention in Paris. The Socialist "municipalité" has allowed people to sit/picnic/play on the grassy areas in parks, squares and other public venues. These grassy areas were not designed orignally for sitting, picnicking and/or playing and have been undergoing severe and lasting damage. They are scheduled to be repaired at vast expense. This may be hard to believe (smile), but this "sit/picnic/play on the grass" issue looks to be shaping up as one of the major topics in the next elections for Mayor.

Re: Mardi Gras … perhaps this was why your daughter's teacher shot down the idea of a Valentine's Day project/celebration ? Two parties within one week might've been a bit much ?


# posted by L'Amerloque : 2:08 PM  

What a cute picture! I was observing a classroom yesterday (a requirement to become a teacher) and the teacher didn't even mention Mardi Gras. Not a holiday celebrated in a Chicago Public Schools. But it would have been fun . . . .

# posted by pismire : 4:18 PM  

But Where are the lace caps? Is the lace hand made?

# posted by Anonymous : 5:47 AM  

Jason, It is a small world. We loved living in Dupont Circle. There's so much going on there.
Anji, Maternelle is such a wonderful age and they get to do some fun things. I'll miss it too.
RB, Now that I think of it... probably is the same one. That's where I paid 70 euro for a pitcher of Margaritas -- excellent, but not sure I'd do that again!
L'A, Yes, maybe that is why she didn't want a Valentine's Day. The kids did have fun celebrating Mardi Gras.
Pismire, I always thought of Mardi Gras as something they do in Louisiana. I don't think we celebrated the holiday when I was growing up. My sister, however, makes king cakes for her school every year. I wish she'd send one to me. They are declicious.
A, The top was a picture of lace photocopied and stapled with straps for the girls to wear. None of the real stuff.

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 10:28 AM  

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