Monday, February 07, 2005

Valentine's Day Gathering

To create some fun Valentine's Day crafts at home, each child invited a friend over yesterday. A few days earlier I made the salt dough that you roll out and I cut heart shapes. These heart ornaments took a few days to dry. The kids painted the hearts at the party. Then they glossed them and put magnets on the back. I think they came out great.

Also, I made heart shaped cookies and had the kids spread pink icing on them and then sprinkled all sorts of fun sugar shaped candies.

Here is a picture of the magnets and one of the big pink cookies. It was hard keeping track of which hearts were edible!

Also, I've finally added an 'about me' section. Philip asked me to tell why I'm here is Paris. If you are interested, just press the "Qui est Auntie M?" button on the left side.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
10:50 PM



Auntie M,
Thanks for posting about why you are in Paris...and I suppose a big thank you to Philip for asking.
I do have a question, though, did your husband ever find time to write his book?
Enjoying your blog as always,


# posted by Anonymous : 11:22 PM  

Kelley, Thanks. He started writing a book, but he hasn't had time to finish it. He hopes to one of these days!

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 11:37 PM  

My thanks too for posting why you're in Paris. That's alot of work to do - raise young children in a foreign country, etc. Hmm and I thought it might be you writing in Paris. It was mentioned somewhere you'll move back to the US - gosh I'll miss the blog!

By the way, about Paris and writing: do you feel like doing a sidebar of your books you've enjoyed regarding Paris?

thanks, Terry in SF

# posted by Anonymous : 11:49 PM  

You are so on the ball! I haven't even planned Chloe's B-day party all the way through and it's this week.

BTW, Loved the previous post about "The Aviator". It sounds like something I'd do.(-:

# posted by BohemianMama : 4:11 AM  

Those valentine hearts are adorable! I love looking at the stuff kids make! They have such great ideas. :)

# posted by Margie : 4:20 AM  

Terry, I will try to figure out a place to put book recommendations. I've thought about doing that in the past, but you've just given me a push. Thanks.
BM, Well, my daughter's birthday party is this Saturday and the house is a mess (as always) so I have a lot to do before then. Too bad I'd rather be making a pinata for the party and not cleaning...
Margie, The kids always make something surprising or put colors together that I never would, but the end result is always wonderful.

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 9:07 AM  

I am so glad you still did the heart magnets. And the cookies look great. I am sure your kids had a lot of fun. Despite what those other parents may say about you, I think you are an awesome mom.


# posted by Anonymous : 10:32 AM  

The hearts look great!! Glad you went ahead and made them, even if it wasn't at school. :-)

# posted by Pat : 2:21 PM  

(I must have been reading the entry from the bottom up...) Those valentines are nifty! And cookies, ummm. Nice work from the atelier de Auntie M (I'd add bakery but my French is on the blink rt now...) Very happy to read you did the intended V-day projects.
Terry in SF

# posted by Anonymous : 3:44 PM  

Yum! They look very yummy...if not edible! :)

# posted by pregnancyweekly : 7:37 PM  

Jason, What a nice thing to say. Thanks.
Pat, Yes, I hate to complain and then not do something about it... pet peeve of mine. I think the magnets came out really well though and they were fun to make.
Terry, The cookies look better than they tasted. I've been glued to allrecipes.com trying new recipes, but the sugar cookies just didn't match the ones in the Joy of Cooking that I usually use.
Pregnancyweek, Thank you for your comment. Welcome! I was pretty worried that the children would try to eat the salt dough hearts.. they looked delicious.

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 8:14 PM  

The hearts look lovely. They would have been a great project for school. Thanks for visiting all the lovely places in Paris so that we could read about them.

# posted by Anji : 10:36 AM  

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