Thursday, February 03, 2005

Next it'll be Amway

I always thought I was immune to certain things while living in France. One is telephone requests. On the rare occasions when I do get a call, I simply state I only speak English and they usually hang up pretty quick.

So I was surprised today. About a week ago I got a call from someone who had met me on a walking tour. Apparently, she had met me at the Bloom program in October and she was happy to see me on the walking tour. I wasn't sure why at the time. Now I know.

So anyway, she called and asked me to her house for an afternoon coffee. Now, she isn't American or French or a native English speaker for that matter, so I wasn't exactly sure what the address was or some of the other details when she told me them over the phone. I knew I wouldn't know anyone there, so I kept putting off my decision on whether to go. I realized this morning I never called to say 'no,' so now I was going to have to go. I called her this morning and asked her to spell out the details. Anyway, I arrived and found myself in a tupperware-like party! It was, in fact, a party for magnetic bracelets. You put on the bracelets and they are supposed to help with all sorts of aliments. I had actually spent my last bit of money on macaroons to give as a gift. I had no money even if I had wanted to buy the bracelets. So I stayed and listened to the sell. I left early and the woman said "you know a lot of people. Please share this information." Then she handed me some brochures.

At school the other day the English teacher asked me if I had any songs about diversity and everyone getting along. My husband suggested Three Dog Night's "Black and White" song. We don't have a copy of that and I'm not sure it's an easy song for the young kids to sing. I was reviewing all of the songs on our computer and found Marlo Thomas' Free To Be You and Me album. So I burned a copy of the lead song for the English teacher. I was so happy I found a good song that seemed to fit the requirements I played it for my husband on the phone at work. He's like... "I've never heard that song before." I had to watch this movie in elementary school a couple of times. Has anyone else heard of this song? At the end of the day the English teacher said she had played the song for a board of other teachers who wanted to know if it was some patriotic song. What??

For our date night tonight we went to a movie, the Aviator, on the Champs Elysees. It's one of my favorite dates because we always head to Hagen Daas after the movie. Tonight it was pretty chilly for ice cream, but that didn't stop us.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
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i remember singing that song many many many times in grade school!! and hello not patriotic at all! those teachers are nutso over there! :)
-carolyn (http://www.girlreaction.prettyposies.com)

# posted by Anonymous : 1:27 AM  

ugh... not the "parties!" i moved to the suburbs and instead of just getting together for shits and giggles, my neighbors invite me to jewelery parties, kids toys parties, kitchen gadget parties. blech.

as for the marlo thomas song. "freedom" as a concept is very american. and now with george bush "promising" to spread freedom to oppressed peoples i can see why they would think it was patriotic. just a thought.


# posted by maryse : 3:59 AM  

I was just blog hopping noticed your post about the "Free to be you and me" I was just telling my mom how I remember dancing to that album when I was a kid and singing all the songs.

# posted by sacosbornesmommy : 6:18 AM  

LOL - I have been invited to a couple of these parties but find it oh so easy to say no!! I had enough of that when living in the States. Sooooo....what is your review of the movie? I was to go today to see it but you know I am off to the hospital instead.

# posted by Pat : 9:38 AM  

I once had some Jehovah's Witnesses arrive and I told them I didn't speak French (in English). They insisted in reading the bible to me. I think they were expecting some sort of miracle of tongues.
I don't know that song. Gospell songs seem popular. And, as one (French) teacher told me with a wink " you just don't have to let them know they are religious!"

# posted by Anji : 11:54 AM  

Carolyn, Hello! Yes, I always remember that song fondly. I couldn't believe my husband had never heard of it.
Maryse, Yes. Once I looked at the words, I suppose I could read patriotic into it. But I think that's because I know it was created in the US. If you told me some Australian or Scottish person wrote it, I'd think it was patriotic for those countries.
sacosbornesmommy, Welcome to the blog. I always enjoy seeing a new commentor. Did you also watch the movie? It was so cute!
Pat, I hope all went well with your husband today. Please give us a report on your blog.
Anji, No miracle happened, I take it? Too funny about the religious songs. Sometimes I think it's more a frame of mind.

# posted by Anonymous : 12:45 PM  

OMG!! Did anyone else get to see the Free to be You and Me movie in school?!! It was this huge production almost every year. The movie was so long it took like 2 or three HUGE reals (that always got stuck and melted during some part of the production). I still like to think of Michael Jackson ans that cute young black kid with the afro wanting to be an astronaut.

# posted by BohemianMama : 10:49 PM  

Love your posts! Got a good laugh out of this one. Yes, I remember seeing the movie 'Free to be You and Me' in school. Patriotic?? NOT!!! Hee hee.

# posted by Anonymous : 4:33 PM  

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