Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Mister Cauchemar

Today I took my son and his best friend to the Bastille Opera to see Mister Cauchemar/Mister Nightmare. My friend had bought the tickets for her son and my son expecting to take them both. Unfortunately, at the last minute she was called out of town. I had to find someone to watch my daughter. As it turned out my husband came down with some flu virus last night and stayed home sick today, so my daughter stayed with him.

Mister Nightmare is part of the kids series of shows at the Opera. It lasted about 75 minutes and it was packed with lots of action. I think there were about 40 kids in the show, from the ages of 12 until 18. It was kind of a musical and the kids seemed to enjoy it. There wasn't as much fidgeting as I expected from my son, so he must have been entertained. I just hope some of the images, which were scary, don't frighten him tonight. He has a very low threshold for this stuff as I do did when I was young.

In the end, Mister Cauchemar says "There are no monsters to be scared of. Sleep well tonight." I didn't follow everything, but all the children in the audience, and there were probably at least 400, jumped up and applauded. My son said it was good, although I'm not sure how many more times I'm going to get him to the Opera, especially with the weather warming up here. He'd much rather be outside. It was another pleasant day here -- mild, no rain -- considering it's mid-February.

Here is a picture of Place Bastille, where the prison once stood. To remember not the surrender of the prison Bastille, which had only a few prisoners in 1789, but the 1830 July Revolution, which replaced the autocratic Charles X with the "Citizen King" Louis-Philippe, a column was erected. The column is topped by the 'Spirit of Liberty' statue.

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I am so impressed that you do all of these neat cultural things with your kids. It makes me feel guilty, really. We're lucky to do a few museums in the summer. I know it's easy to do b/c you live in Paris, but it's still an effort. Way to go!


# posted by Anonymous : 10:51 PM  

CMAC, You're a great mom! It is easier for me because I have a lot of musuems that are easy to get to. My son is older and now able to appreciate going to some of these places. My daughter is still too young -- as are your kids!

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 10:30 AM  

I'd love to hear about these events--are they posted on the Opera website? How do you find out about them?

# posted by Lisa : 2:56 PM  

Lisa, Just check out this website for the Opera. These are shows geered to kids. http://www.opera-de-paris.fr/?Rub=Enfants

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 5:06 PM  

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