Thursday, March 10, 2005

School Rules!

Well the kids didn't want to get ready for school today. They were convinced school had been cancelled. My son insisted I watch the news this morning. I turned on the news (which we never watch) and he says, after a while, "that's it?" I told him they wouldn't announce that his school was closed on the news. We'd just have to go to school to find out. On the way there my son is looking for clues, determined to prove that there is no school. His first major disappointment? He sees another student, from the school in front of us. He tells me that perhaps there is school. As we pass the metro he sees a person coming out of the exit. This was a major blow. "There are people using the metro??!!" Then a bus passes by. "Even the buses are working?!" We get to school and it's quiet. Really quiet. At 9am there were only two teachers in the school...... the two teachers for my two kids!! Hooray! The kids were actually good sports and went right to class. A couple more teachers walked in at 9:15am. Parent for those students clapped because they were so happy. So now I have a little time to clean up before my husband's aunt arrives. Why am I on the computer then?

-- said Auntie M in Paris
11:00 AM



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