Friday, July 15, 2005


A few years ago, the family walked a few blocks down the road to watch the 14th of July fireworks around the Tour Eiffel. I remember, my son was so excited by the fireworks that he was jumping up and down with joy the whole time. My daughter, however, was three at the time and was totally flipped out by the loud noises.

Last year, we did not stay in Paris because the Tour de France was passing by my sister's place that same week. So we spent the day with my sister and her family -- no fireworks in sight.

This year we got to see the local fireworks from the comfort of our place in Brittany. The fireworks exploded over the local port and the show was magnificient. The French do great fireworks -- lots of noise and color. Even though it was 11pm when the show started, my children stayed awake for a long time afterward -- it was as though they'd just eaten a bowl of sugar. As I was trying to sleep with the windows open since it was so hot, I heard many local musicians playing their music. One song seemed especially popular ..."Summertime" .... Summertime and the living is easy....

-- said Auntie M in Paris
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Happy you've been having some very wonderfully memorable days/nights - enjoy! Terry in SF

# posted by Anonymous : 4:17 PM  

speaking of tour de france, when does it end? will lance do it again?

# posted by mrsmogul : 11:26 PM  

I just wanted to say thank you for showing us these wonderful places. I've been reading your words for a few months. I wish I remember how I got here so I could go back and thank them too!

# posted by Elaine : 4:37 AM  

i miss france especially during the summer -- they do "summer vacation" very well

# posted by maryse : 1:54 PM  

Wow, That sounds great.

To be serenaded to sleep, way cool

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