Monday, July 11, 2005

Southern Brittany

Wish I could download pictures because it is beautiful here. Additionally, the weather has been amazing -- if anything too hot. I am, however, surprised at just how cold the water is here in July. It reminds me of my summers swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. My girlfriend and I drove around a bit today, which was nice for us but the kids complained until they got out of the car and climbed on the rocks near the water and threw seaweed at each other.

We are staying on a "presqu' ile" or almost island -- a peninsula. It is just as charming and beautiful as I hoped. We woke up this morning to a very large market selling fruit, poulet roti, dresses, cheeses, and ceramics. My sister and I walked around before saying our goodbye. I won't see her again until she comes to visit me in the US. I 've spoken to her nearly everyday while I've lived in France and I know I will miss her a lot.

Please forgive any spelling errors or whatever else. It is no fun typing on the French keyboard and having no spell check to rely on!

-- said Auntie M in Paris
2:15 PM



I was thinking about you and your sister when you mentioned leaving. You talk so much about your her. But, you'll have a lot of fabulous memories of your time together here in France, and you'll have even more to build on when you return for visits to each other! It's extended visits that are always packed full of wonderful moments. When we live next door to each other we take our family for granted, don't you think?

# posted by chrisc : 4:05 PM  

But it is summer swimming in the Atlantic.
You sound like you love France - sorry you have to come back, but I know you like it here too.

# posted by JoeinVegas : 4:24 PM  

I bet that you are having the time of your life!

It sounds fantastic, with the god wholesome fun you are having. Not many people enjoy the simple things in life anymore.

I would definitely miss reading your descriptions of Paris. Would you be continuing to write once back in the States?

# posted by vitrichenko : 4:59 PM  

Hmm. that seems like it was a tough good-bye maybe?

Yes, I remember the French keyboards - even have a "souvenir" photo of one! Perhaps you shd. bring one home?

Enjoy the travels, Terry in SF

# posted by Anonymous : 5:04 PM  

You did quite well with the unfamiliar keyboard! Have a great time with your sister. Makes me wish I had one.

# posted by kenju : 7:32 PM  

I used an internet café in Italy, and it had a European keyboard (well it had all the various accent aigu and grave letters and umlauts and the cedilla, so it wasn't just Italian) and I kept hitting the wrong keys! It took me about five minutes before I even could figure out where the ' key was!

# posted by Joe : 12:31 AM  

I'm so glad you're having a wonderful time! I remember using a keyboard at an Internet café during a trip to Frankfurt a couple of years ago. I wasn't able to send too many notes because it took so long for me to type them out!

# posted by Oz : 6:21 PM  

hi margi! i know you guys are having a great time in brittany! wish i could have joined you! hello to m!

# posted by louis bonno : 10:21 PM  

Brittany sounds lovely. I'm glad you are having a nice holiday with your sister and her family. (And what spelling errors? You did great with the French keyboard!)

# posted by Donna : 12:09 AM  

Sounds like you're having an excellent week. Say hi to the other M. for me. Can't wait for our vacation, but I have to survive the move first.

I'm pretty sure there's a way to configure the computer so the keyboard acts like a traditional American one. If you can touch type, then you can just ignore the letters marked on the keys. I guess it's not worth it when you're just there for a few more days.

# posted by Lisa : 9:30 AM  

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