Friday, July 01, 2005

Tractor Ride

When our family first visited the vineyard two years ago, the grandfather pulled my husband aside and talked to him a little while. One thing he said that we think about often .... is that running a vineyard is the same as running a farm. "We are mere farmers" is the direct quote. Of course, you are talking about a real cash crop, but it is true, it's a farm just the same.

My son's best friend has been watching the farmers on his grandparents farm for a long time. For his 8th birthday, he asked for a ride on one of the big tractors. So while we were there this week, all the kids -- three first cousins and my two children -- each had a turn helping to drive a big tractor.

My daughter behind the wheel.

Needless to say, it was the highlight of their trip to Bordeaux. In fact, when my daughter got back to Paris, she immediately asked if she could send a card to the grandmother to tell her how much she liked the tractor ride (a first!).

My son driving the tractor in the field.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
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Mmmm, I can almost smell the fresh air (with those wine overtones!). That gorgeous sunshine is sure to produce some great 2005 grapes! And your lucky children will feel that they had a hands-on role in it! How grand!

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Auntie - Here's wishing you a happy fourth of July weedend. They have the fourth in France, don't they?


# posted by Anonymous : 12:46 AM  

That is a cool looking tractor - not a John Deere I don't think. It warmed my heart to hear your daughter wanted to write to the grandmother - and I bet they all felt like they worked!

Hmm, I wonder if they would rather ride tractors than amusement park rides?
Hope you are enjoying the summer break w. the kids and friends!
Terry in SF

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I'm hoping that you'll be able to leave the Day in Paris website up, so we can revisit favorite days, and, like others of your readers, I would love to read about your adventures in D.C. but whether these things are possible or not,thank you for sharing so much with us. Long life and joy to you, Auntie M.

# posted by C.G. Blick : 5:01 AM  

It's really much less of a cash crop than one would think. There's a lot more that goes into making wine and packaging it to sell than most agricultural products, so you don't get as much when all's said and done as you would hope for. That's why most French winemakers (my husband included) would refer to themselves as farmers - that and the pride the French take in being peasants and being close to the land.

# posted by The Stitchin' Sheep : 4:19 PM  

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