Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Fleur de Lis

Thank you for your kind comments about my future departure from France. I really appreciated reading all of them. You haven't gotten rid of me yet... I will be in France for another month.

For the last couple of days I took a short trip to Bordeaux to stay with my son's friend in the Margaux area. His friend's family owns a vineyard and I stayed there with the kids.

I just got back today -- for the last couple of days my husband posted items I'd previously written -- and I am really exhausted. So let me just tell you that I had a wonderful time and that I'll give you details tomorrow.

Until then... when I arrived the flowers were starting to lose their beauty. In fact, the day after I arrived a storm pretty much wiped them out. The grandmother, the owner of the estate took me outside the first night and proudly showed me her patch of white "fleur de lis" flowers so well known in France.

As I said, more tomorrow, but I wanted to share a picture of the building where we stayed. I love these colors of France... the yellow/cream/orange of the building walls and the blue of the shutters. Wouldn't those colors look lovely in a kitchen in DC??

-- said Auntie M in Paris
10:33 PM



Merci...I am savoring all your posts now that I know your departure date is looming. What will I do without your blog to check out first thing each day after the computer warms up?? I feel like you are my touch stone in Paris when I can't be there, and I will miss your reports so much! Perhaps I will have to realize my own dream of living there and create my own blog? Thanks so much for all your wonderful posts! KP Gee

# posted by mistayu : 12:13 AM  

Although not the same color scheme - the building you stayed in reminds me of the Matisse museum in Nice - wonderful color scheme and some tromp o'leil (sp?). Lucky you! How was the wine? Well I'll savor your last posts...Terry in SF

# posted by Anonymous : 3:48 AM  

Oh Auntie I'm definitely going to miss reading about your life in Paris. I'm sure you'll enjoy reconnecting with Americana though. That's always kind of refreshing. And you're right, you'll take back so much with you...pretty color schemes, great recipes, entertaining quirks, and unfortunately the urge to do a 'bise' every time you meet someone! I'll be savoring these last posts too :(

# posted by chrisc : 2:18 PM  

But WAIT....has lovely Aunt M said she will sTOP blogging??? certainly you'll continue in DC??? 'say it aint so joe'

# posted by sheri in columbus : 2:48 PM  

Auntie M...I have to agree with Sheri in Columbus...if you blog about Washington DC with the same intensity and love that you blog about Paris...well, I have a feeling Our Nation's Capital would have a LOT more visitors.
Enjoy your last month...and all the best!

# posted by Kelley : 3:41 PM  

Auntie - That is what I say - keep on blogging. What an exciting city to blog from. I am looking forward to that. Also, you can tell us about your visits back to France or anywhere you choose to go. It is all interesting. Berygood

# posted by Anonymous : 3:46 PM  

Those colors would look so perfect in DC it isn't funny! There are so many fuddy duddy color schemes in DC right now. And we are already in the August heat and it is still June. But you are making me want to move to France and I am a girl who loves Spain.

# posted by Mia : 3:50 PM  

it would take a lot to tear me away from life in France, and especialy Paris. I don't think I've ever had that sense of wonder and amazement from any city that I've visited, that I get every time I go to Paris (Barcelona and San Francisco are close). I wish you the best of luck, as I will definitely miss your posts on your life in France. I am all too familiar with Washington, DC as I'm sure you are. It definitely lacks in almost every category in my eyes, and simply cannot be compared to Paris, or any other actual city.


# posted by John Chimpo : 4:58 PM  

Very pretty photos, Auntie M, and now you simply must use that color scheme for your DC kitchen. And do keep blogging :)

# posted by Sophie : 6:11 PM  

It looks like they have orange day-lilies in France too? The photos are great, you are a '5 star' blogger!

# posted by Maggie Ann : 7:27 PM  

Ahhh, but D.C is going to be FABULOUS!!! Yea!

# posted by Candygirl : 6:12 AM  

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