Monday, June 27, 2005


As a follow on to my Smart Car post ...

Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers are popular. In Paris. It's true. Maybe they are popular elsewhere too? Honestly, I can't get over how popular they are here. Young hip things where them all around. My Parisian blogging friend has a whole family of converse sneakers.

And cream is the color. One day I saw two young women wearing the exact same cream converse sneaker on the bus -- and I rarely see people wearing the same thing. Every Paris sneaker store you pass has lots of converse sneakers in the showcase. I really want a pair. Too bad they look awful on my feet.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
10:19 PM



For years, my husband wore black
Converse high tops, which weren't always easy to find. Of course, now that everyone is wearing
Converse high tops, he wouldn't be caught dead in them!

# posted by Lisa : 10:58 PM  

converse sneakers are quite popular here in southern california too! I have a friend whose collection contains pretty much every color of the rainbow, and then some.

# posted by julie : 12:44 AM  

Ah, j'aime tout francais!

Salut, Michele m'a envoye!

# posted by Melissa : 1:33 AM  

Yes, the Chuck Taylor have hit Australian stores big time once again... (I recently did a post on Monet with Lyndon's pair!) I only wish I held on to mine that I wore many years ago...

# posted by Melody : 2:48 AM  

I really wasn't paying attention in Rome. Italians are definitely into fashion though. I know Pumas are incredibly popular there, and I actually now, come to think of it, did see a lot of Chuck Taylors because one girl on our trip remarked how much she loved them.

I have a friend living in Venezia right now, and he remarked how popular those things are.

# posted by Joe : 3:40 AM  

I hear you there... they look horrible on me too... but then again, it might be my shoe size -- 41 (US 11 !!) -- thanks dear Dad for those killer feet.

# posted by Magilicuddy : 10:10 AM  

Now that Nike owns the Converse brand, they are now getting wider distribution. Nike's buying Converse was a bit of a bummer and have lessened for me the appeal of Converses. Plus Nike doesn't always play fair as evidenced by them recently stealing for their own use the design from the cover art of DC punk bands single. http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/news/05-06/23.shtml

# posted by the brother-in-law : 4:04 PM  

Yes, Convereses are popular here in the States - for all age groups too. When I see them selling at Nordstroms, they are popular...Get any? Terry in SF

# posted by Anonymous : 4:48 PM  

They're popular in Britain too, at least with teenagers. At my sixth form (16-18 year-olds), probably an eighth of the students own some, and I have three pairs.

# posted by Multicoloured Bracelet (aka: Nat) : 1:33 PM  

They are also popular where I live, in Korea.

# posted by Sandra : 8:41 AM  

I love my chucks! I have light gray. I haven't seen anybody else wear light gray so I'm happy about that.

# posted by kristin : 12:19 AM  

as someone said,in britan hi tops are gettin populor.but also has anyone in any other country(especily the u.s.)noticed how many componys make cheep copys!i hav a pair of red tommy hilfiger trainers that look just like them.thank god i stoped wearing afte two weeks,and were the hell do you get them in hertfordshire?!?!?both my black and rare navey blues came from tenerife(i now a very good place to get them you see)if anyone else in hertfordshire nows were to get them let me now.thank you

# posted by Anonymous : 1:14 AM  

i have a pair, i really love them. Almost everyone in my street owns a pair too! Im getting some more for christmas. + for that other blogger from hertfordshire, you can get them from schuh, somewhere like that, or the internet.

# posted by Hannah : 7:09 PM  

to the person in herts, d2 in stevenage sells loads of different styles. i got pink and brown cow print ones there just yesterday

it's in the westgate shoppnig center, in the under-cover bit

hope that helps!

# posted by soxiez : 8:39 PM  

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