Thursday, June 23, 2005


For the last week it's been around 90+ degrees Fahrenheit pretty much every day. It's been very sunny too. Since there are very few places with air conditioner you just leave one hot sticky place to go to another. There isn't any relief.

Today I had a few errands to run around town and by the time I got home around 3pm I was hot and sweaty enough to contemplate subjecting you poor, dear readers to some bad poetry that went along the lines of ... so hot. sweat pouring out of my body. shirt sticking to back.... Yes, I know, it's not really a poem, but I was exhausted from the heat and wasn't thinking straight!

Yesterday, my son had his end of year golf test, which lasted from 2pm until 6:00pm. It was another really hot day. Yet my daughter and I had to keep ourselves busy at the park for 4 hours. We'd spend 10 minutes in the sun and then have a snack and drink in the shade. It was just too hot to stay in the sun for long. We walked over to a part of the park that has a sprinkler system to see if it was running. Yep. My daughter took her shorts off and joined the fun. Even running through the sprinklers, we could only stay for 15 minutes in the sun.

My son ended up getting the gold prize yesterday at golf. He succeeded in meeting all the requirements of a 7/8 year old to win a gold golf pin. He was wearing it proudly when I came to pick him up.

When we finally got home my daughter wanted to take a bath. I think she really wanted to find a pool!

Update.... A rainstorm made its way through Paris a couple of hours ago. It rained about an hour. Even though the rain came down hard, everyone on our street had their windows open because it felt so good -- the rain and the coolness it brought. Although it's still hot, it's bearable right now.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
9:37 PM



Did you get caught in the rain? I tried to wait it out, but I had to walk from Palais de Tokyo to Eurecole(just a couple of blocks), and I got soaked. E.had an after-school judo class, but the gym was flooded and they had to stop the class. It was worth it, though --there's such a nice cool breeze this evening. I hope it lasts til tomorrow.

# posted by Lisa : 11:45 PM  

Lisa, We didn't get caught in the rain. I decided it looked like it might rain and brought my son's friends to our house. It started raining as we got to our street. It started pouring and thundering shortly thereafter. It was such a bad storm that I saw two women running barefoot... either they didn't want to ruin their shoes or they couldn't run in their shoes... but I can't imagine running barefoot on the streets of Paris for any reason! Hope you didn't get soaked, but guess you probably must have. It was hard to avoid.

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 11:53 PM  

Wonderful for Matt! How proud his Great Grampa (the first Grampy) would have been! Love from GP

# posted by Anonymous : 12:05 AM  

Congrats to your son!! on his gold pin. That is a truly wonderful event - and a long one at that! Hot too. I wonder what will be next - tournaments? Sounds like daughter is trying many more things these days:) Terry in SF

# posted by Anonymous : 12:25 AM  

What a wicked storm! We had water coming through our "drafty" windows. Congratulations to your son on his medal!

# posted by Oz : 12:34 AM  

You really have my condolences on the extreme heat in Paris... we just got through with an unusual early June heat wave here in the Northeast US that had me cussin' daily and praying for relief - even with air conditioning it was abominable. Do your best to stay cool and drink lots of l'eau to stay hydrated!

# posted by Lisa Taylor Huff : 3:34 AM  

Just stopping by....no airconditioner, wow, how do you have any energy?? Congratulations to your son on attaining the gold pin. Thats fantastic!

# posted by Maggie Ann : 3:45 AM  

congratulations to your son! I''m always totally amazed at him golfing. that is soooooo great. about the rainstorm, well, I was grocery shopping when it happened and had to pick up my boys at their artclass. I had my car but we've ruined our shoes!!! hehe, guess les soldes are right on time...

# posted by irene : 5:30 AM  

GP, He was really happy. He does love to golf.
Terry, Thanks. Yes, I think my daughter is branching out a bit, but she did refuse to go to two birthday parties on Wednesday -- and they were two of her best friends.
Oz, I hope you were inside during the storm. It was terrible but much needed.
LTH, We've been drinking a lot of water this week and trying not to stay in the sun, but we love being outside so it's been difficult.
Maggie Ann, My energy has been very low during this heat wave!
Irene, People were definitely caught off guard with the rainstorm. I guess the weather report said it wouldn't come until Saturday.

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 7:55 AM  

Congrats on the golfing accomplishment young man. I'd never get that far! As for the storm, how refreshing it was. The plants were all smiling and breathing a little easier. Of course, like many, I left my umbrella at home. I remembered it today, but there seems to be no sign of relief in site. Sheesh it's hot!

# posted by Michael : 7:13 PM  

Congratulations to your son! Good show!

At least you had rain! We have had 2 weeks straight of hot weather (a small cool front in the middle) but hardly any rain for a long time. Our grass is brown, and summer just started!

# posted by kenju : 8:07 PM  

well, well,well, Texas heat goes to Paris! Enjoy!!!

# posted by Anonymous : 10:24 PM  

That daughter of yours is SUPER cute. Did she relly come out in that or did you dress her up?

# posted by Mike in DC : 11:28 PM  

One additional idea for cool-down opportunities while out and about -- a couple of years ago, while in Paris during the August +100 degree days, I discovered that a slow meander through supermarket frozen-foods aisles helped! Only an ingredient sleuth would do this? It works, though!

# posted by Ingredient Sleuth : 12:01 AM  

Although it's no better here (with the humidity index, aka humidex, it's like 115 degrees every day here) with the heat and the daily deluges, I feel your pain Auntie! Particularly because everyone in Florida pretty much has air conditioning. Though there are some poor people who don't, and I don't know how they manage. The air conditioning in my mom's former Dodge Caravan died a few years back and we drove around for over a year before getting it fixed, and it was a living hell. I nearly died every time we had to go somewhere.

Europe gets some incredible heat waves, don't they? I was just fortunate that while it was hot in Italy while I was there, it wasn't humid. The humidity is what makes it unbearable.

# posted by Joe : 5:16 AM  

Michael, I think we all saw the rain on Thursday and expected cooler weather on Friday. Maybe the expected storms today will do it.
Kenju, I hope you get rain soon. It was so needed here. I dont know how people live in the desert.
A, Texas can have it back!
MikeDC, My daughter has a mind of her own. If I wanted her to dress in that outfit she wouldn't have. She dresses herself.
IS, Great idea. Frozen foods are my friends! Thanks.
Joe, Air conditioner is a wonderful invention. Some days I dream about it. A fan is good but just doesn't compare.

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 9:15 AM  


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