Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Victor Hugo Museum

Although I'd been to Place des Vosges a few times before and let the kids play in the corner of the square where there is a jungle gym and slide, I never knew I was so close to the Victor Hugo museum. I asked a woman, who was reading something about city museums of Paris where she got the information sheet and she said at the museum... and pointed across the street.

The museum is located at 6 Place des Vosges. Victor Hugo lived here from 1832 until 1848. Unfortunately, years after Hugo's family moved out, his furniture was auctioned off. However, the city of Paris has researched and reviewed old documents and has presented the apartment as accurately as possible. The apartment houses some interesting things... lots of pictures of Hugo, all his novels, and some of his furniture, including his bed (donated by his grandchildren Georges and Jeanne).

Bust of Hugo by his friend, David D'Angers.

This museum is small and uninspiring but worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood.... after all, since it is a city museum... admission is free (when there isn't a special exhibition is going on).

-- said Auntie M in Paris
11:15 AM



the best part of Paris is the suprsing little museums and galleries, popping up where you least expect them.

Happy to find your blog!

# posted by AltMama : 4:11 PM  

must be as boring as Hugo himself, isnt't it ? :-D

# posted by negrito : 12:22 AM  

Happy Belated Birthday. (a few days behind on my blog reading) I have throughly enjoyed "lurking" on your blog. Can't wait to visit Paris again. Irene

# posted by Anonymous : 3:42 AM  

Auntie do your kids enjoy all of these musuems or do they complain? Oh I suppose you don't take them to all of them but just curious how they feel.

Also maybe I missed this but have you done a list of the best kid friendly musuems in Paris (or France for that matter)? I'd love some tips!

# posted by chrisc : 8:49 AM  

Altmama, There are so many museums in Paris that it does happen! It's especially nice when the museums have free entry!
Negrito, Well...
Irene, Thanks for the visit and comment. Thank you for the birthday wishes.
Chrisc, What do you think I have... stepford kids?? Of course they don't enjoy the museums. It's a fight, but we do it in small doses and promise park time afterward. However, I must say, that my daughter did seem interested in the Hugo museum. I'll think about kid-friendly museums.

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 3:51 PM  

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