Saturday, June 11, 2005


I like to tell people that if I were born 5 days earlier (and my mother's due date was in May!) I would have been born on 6/6/66 at 6pm. I know that the 666 thing is not necessarily a good thing (and my parents most definitely thought I was a "devil" at many points in my childhood), but I always thought it was cool.

For any of you lurkers who have never left a comment (and of course you regular commentors!).... I expect one today! Pretty please?

Flowers that arrived today from my US sister.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
11:14 AM



Ooooh! Aren't I bright? It must be your birthday! Happy birthday to you and another year of good blogging!

# posted by Sharon : 12:11 PM  

Delurking to say Happy Birthday! I read your blog every day. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures.

# posted by Paula in Michigan : 12:12 PM  

Happy Birthday M. Have a great day!!!

# posted by Pat : 12:54 PM  

Happy Birthday,

I read your comments each day as I take notes for future Paris trips.

# posted by Nancy : 1:14 PM  

Happy Birthday!

Ever since I read your diatribe on French parc personnel and their campaign to keep people off the grass I've been meaning to post and tell you there is a Canadian gravestone in Montreal which says, "Please Walk On The Grass." It belongs to a former Park Superintendent.

# posted by Scout : 2:15 PM  

bonne anniversaire!

# posted by maryse : 2:18 PM  

Dear M,

I'm also an expat in Paris, from few months in my case. I enjoy your posts every morning coffee before going to work. It´s much better than the thousands of tourist web sites about what to do in Paris and surroundings!

Have a great birthday in this wonderful sunny day!!


# posted by Anonymous : 3:04 PM  

Have a "Bonne Anniversaire" Auntie M...and many, many more!
And of course we expect a full update on today's activities...complete with more pictures. You must keep your adoring fans happy even on YOUR birthday!

# posted by Kelley : 3:22 PM  

Hey cool! Its your birthday. Best wishes to you and your family!

Thanks for teaching me about "L'Occitane"!


# posted by vitrichenko : 3:30 PM  

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a lovely day.

I've been reading your blog every day for months now, dreaming about my next visit to Paris. You could publish your posts into an alternative style guidebook. It's truely great!

# posted by Lesley : 3:47 PM  

Happy Birthday to you!

I am also a Gemini - gotta love us.

# posted by Stefani : 3:51 PM  

Happy Birthday - have only just found your blog in the last few days - so many memories of Paris - will come back often to read.


# posted by Rosie : 4:18 PM  

Happy Birthday! I discovered your blog only a few weeks ago and have been hooked. Now my morning coffee wouldn't be the same without reading A Day in Paris.

# posted by Marilyn : 4:24 PM  

Happy happy from another gemini! :)

# posted by ViVi : 4:27 PM  

Oh! Happy, Happy Birthday to you! Those flowers are absolutely beautiful!!!

# posted by papercandies : 4:50 PM  

A very Happy Birthday to our wonderful Auntie M! I hope this and all the other greetings let you know how many "fans" you have and how well liked you are. Enjoy your day! Terry in SF

# posted by Anonymous : 5:12 PM  

The very HAPPIEST of birthdays to you! What a gorgeous bouquet your sister sent!

# posted by Janet : 5:28 PM  

Happy Birthday!

# posted by daisy : 5:50 PM  

Joyeux Anniversaire, Auntie !


# posted by L'Amerloque : 6:01 PM  

Happy Birthday!

And, by the way, I just got the Marie Antoinette book you recommended. I'll let you know what I think once I've finished.

- Sophie
(formerly Pilar, but as I no longer have a Spanish blog, I no longer use my Spanish name, just my real one)

# posted by Sophie : 6:26 PM  

A special family occasion isn't it! Happy Birthday from the Michigan branch

# posted by Anonymous : 7:38 PM  

Buon compleanno Zia M ;)
E molti anni venire!

# posted by Joe : 7:56 PM  

Happy, Happy Birthday!!! from California.

Felicitations pour l'annee prochaine aussi!

Merci pour votre blog charmant!

Ingredient Sleuth (Marilyn)

# posted by Ingredient Sleuth : 8:01 PM  

A antoher lurker coming out of the shadows. Happy birthday!!!! I am an American expat in Ireland married to an Irishman man. I love your site and read it almost everyday. I love your insight and stories about Paris - my favourite city.

# posted by Emily : 8:50 PM  

Bonne fête Auntie M! Votre blog est tellement génial; je l'adore et je lis chaque journée. Mon but est de devenir une américaine à Paris comme toi!

# posted by Maria Noland : 8:59 PM  

Heureux anniversaire! de la part d'une Française en Angleterre avide de lire votre point de vue sur la vie en France. Et en plus, mon anniversaire, c'est demain - mais nous avons quelques années d'écart.
Laurie à Manchester

# posted by Anonymous : 9:29 PM  


I'm so glad to have "met" you online. You are such a special person and I look forward to our "visits" online.

Thanks for all you share and may this next year be even better than the ones before.

# posted by BohemianMama : 10:02 PM  

Bon anniversaire! My cell phone has the prefix 666, and I was thrilled when I got the number. I hate getting calls, except from close friends and my boyfriend (and people who wish to inform me that I've won large sums of money), and it keeps superstitious strangers at bay.

# posted by Amy Alkon : 10:22 PM  

Happy, happy birthday, dear Auntie M.

Read the rest of your birthday card (below) to see that you might have been born on the Day of the Beast not only had you been born five days earlier but also had you been born five days later.

by Neva Chonin
San Francisco Chronicle
Sunday, May 22, 2005

"...I couldn't make up stuff like this. Just as the Catholic Church is settling into a new papacy, along comes a theological firestorm to stir things up again.

"Using the same spectral imaging technique that allowed researchers to decipher archaic papyrus fragments, Oxford scholars have culled new information from third- and fourth-century New Testament manuscripts found in an ancient Egyptian garbage dump. Among other things, Harper's Weekly Review reports that researchers have "discovered that the number of the beast, contrary to popular belief, is 616, the area code of Grand Rapids, Mich."

"Well, darn it. So many tattoos will have to be revised. The "Omen" franchise? Toast. And what of the good people of Grand Rapids, a.k.a. Hell on Earth? Marked, every one.

"The Grand Rapids Press has attempted damage control, hastening to reassure its readership that "area religious leaders say there is no cause for alarm." Huh. They said the same thing in "Jaws," and look what happened.

"Never mind that Hal Lindsey's apocalyptic best-sellers "Satan Is Alive and Well on Planet Earth" (1972) and "The Late Great Planet Earth" (1970) happened to be published on Grand Rapids' Zondervan imprint. Never mind that the numbers 6, 1, 6 add up to an evil 13. Never mind that all hell will probably break loose on June 1, 2006 (06-01-06, for Americans) or Jan. 6, 2006 (06-01-06, for Europeans and everyone else). Never mind that Earth-616 is the title used to identify the fictional Marvel Comics universe (won't someone think of The Children™?).

"Never mind any of this. Go about your business. Pay no attention to the horned DOOM behind the curtain.

"Rational thinkers point out that this is an old story, since theologians dating back to the second century have posited 616 as the number of the Beast. But for mooks like me and Snopes.com poster Heavy B, the devaluing of the Antichrist is Big News.

"Heavy B has actually done some research into some of the Lesser-Known Numbers of the Beast:

664 Neighbor of the Beast

666F Oven Temperature for Roast Beast

666 GB Hard Drive Space of the Beast

.666 Decimal Point of the Beast

"Here is wisdom. Whatever and ever, amen."

For more Beastly bits, here's a tiny url for the appropriate page in snopes.com:


Live long and prosper!

# posted by C.G.Blick : 11:08 PM  

Happy Birthday. I found your blog several months ago and have had fun going through your archives.

My birthday is tomorrow (12th) so another reason I knew I liked you.

Have fun and stay happy!


# posted by jeanie : 12:44 AM  

Happy Birthday to you! My son by adoption has family in Paris so I always enjoy your AMerican views of all things French!

# posted by Anonymous : 1:14 AM  

Yay! Happy Birthday to you! I'm a little late, but the wishes are still the same!

# posted by Margie : 2:54 AM  

And a wonderful happy birthday to you! Personally I think that would have been a bitchin' date to have had for your day.

# posted by jo : 3:10 AM  

happy birthday

from japan

# posted by Anonymous : 3:14 AM  

Happy Birthday from the Land of OZ. Someday I plan to put on my red shoes .... click my heels and visit the places you describe.

# posted by Suzy Q : 4:08 AM  

Another Happy Birthday from a late lurker. Have read your blog for months and enjoyed even more our trip to Paris in April because of your stories. Thank you. The French should honor you and your beautiful site for luring even more visitors to Paris.


# posted by Anonymous : 4:10 AM  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Auntie M! Our birthdays are exactly six months (and a few years) apart! Hope you had a good one.

# posted by Janna : 5:43 AM  

I hope you had a lovely birthday. Two tidbits to share with you: my son's birthday is 6/7/89 (of course, over here it's 7/6/89), and mine is 8/7/60 (if only I was five years younger). Also, useful to keep in mind for your children's birthdays: a Russian friend told me yesterday that in Russia, on a child's birthday, the mother and grandmother get flowers. Appropriate, no?

# posted by Lisa : 7:50 AM  

Delurking to wish you a very happy birthday.

I read your blog every day, and like others am storing up info from your blog for future paris trips!

Thanks for such great reading!!


# posted by Anonymous : 8:27 AM  

Oh, Happy Birthday Auntie M. Planning a big one next year then? BTW Lovely flowers...

# posted by Melody : 8:29 AM  

Thank you all for leaving your birthday wishes. It was a wonderful present (even if I did ask for it!) and you were all very kind. Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciate it!

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 8:43 AM  

Delurking to say happy birthday a day late from Bonnie in Germany!

# posted by Bonnie : 8:48 AM  

Happy Birthday, M :)

# posted by Katia : 4:47 PM  

Joyeux Anniversaire, Auntie M!

Frania W.

# posted by Frania W. : 7:53 PM  

Enjoy all the delphware! Trust you had a good day en famille.

# posted by Anonymous : 10:39 PM  

Better late than never? HIPPO BATHDAY, dear Auntie M.!

# posted by Antipodeesse : 12:26 PM  

Bonne fête à toi!!

# posted by Laura : 2:51 PM  

Buon natale!

- I had to respond to your request of lurkers.

# posted by Chris : 4:14 PM  

Bon anniversaire! Love reading your blog :)

# posted by Susan in DC : 4:47 PM  

oh i am sorry to be late

but it must be sorry fate

that you missed that evil date :)

-patty in MD (be glad ur not here as it is horribly hot)

# posted by Anonymous : 7:35 PM  

Happy Birthday!

Mine was on Thursday 9th!

Jen xox

# posted by Keanuette : 5:39 PM  

I didn't get here until today, so Happy Birthday a few days late! I hope it was great.

Alison in Minneapolis

# posted by Anonymous : 2:22 AM  

I am a lurker and just love reading your stories every day. I was born on June 7, 1966 a little before 6:00 p.m. I have always said if I were born a day earlier it would have been 6-6-66 at 6pm. Scary! Happy birthday to you! :-)

# posted by Megan : 9:42 PM  

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