Thursday, June 02, 2005

Smart Cars

I love all the small cars you find in Paris. The mini's and smart cars are the most popular. I've noticed that many of the smart cars often have advertisements on them. You'd think these cars are cheap... why do people need to have ads to pay off the loan? Maybe they just like the ads. Some are pretty colorful and creative.

Here are the cars I spotted this week.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
11:27 PM



Wow - these cars sure look different from 3 years ago when I saw them. Pretty nifty idea. What do the folks over there think? Is it "eye pollution" or a nifty way to advertise?

Remember the Yugo? Too bad they didn't do this for that car. Terry in SF

# posted by Anonymous : 11:57 PM  

I hate to mention this, but a lot of companies think that plastering their advertisements on the side of a car is a cheap and effective way of making their product known. In a way this defeats the purpose of the Smart car, which occupies less space and has lower fuel consumption - so many of them are contributing to the pollution and congestion in our cities simply to advertise products. Ugh.

But thanks for the photos anyway. I love your weblog, it is something I look forward to every day at work.


# posted by Anonymous : 2:28 AM  

I love those Smart cars, and have seen a couple in and around Cambridge, MA!

# posted by Janet : 4:07 AM  

I love those cars! What fun. I want one to zip around town in. My Excursion is the size of three of those! I don't think my triplets would fit in it though!

# posted by mommy d : 4:12 AM  

I remember seeing my first 'Smart Car' in Paris 5 years ago now. I loved them (and still do!)I really like the way you have posted photos of them here. Nice one. They can also be seen in my city (Melbourne Australia) and they are used in a similar fashion. Must be the done thing...

# posted by Melody : 7:33 AM  

I get the impression that the companies buy the cars for staff to use, especially for driving around town.

# posted by Anji : 8:19 AM  

Smarts have got to be one of the uglier cars around. I had the opportunity to ride in one. It was not the experience I care to repeat :)

# posted by Visage : 3:37 PM  

Those cars are so cute! I love the sushi one with the fins.

# posted by BohemianMama : 6:30 PM  

What a FABLUOUS photo collection! You could do a really cool wall calendar with these-- I love the indian goddess one the best-- but how totally cool! ~bluepoppy

# posted by Anonymous : 7:14 PM  

I love all those little cars! So different than here in the US. My husband and I visited Paris and London a couple of years ago, and imagined the attention we'd grab driving our big SUV around there. LOL!

# posted by Christine : 8:56 PM  

One of my friends got the greatest picture of three smarts lined up in Rome. He was originally taking one of just two of them parked after each other, but just as he was going to snap it, another smart rolled up to the stoplight, and so he got the perfect picture!

Those things are indeed everywhere. It's so amazing, they would be crushed here in the United States by a Kia Rio, which is one of the smallest cars we have. But seeing how the Romans parked, which was basically anywhere and everywhere, I can see why they're so popular.

Though interestingly I did not see one smart while in Rome that was as decorated as the ones you have pictured! And I also didn't get to take any pictures of them either, so I'm glad you and my friend both have!

# posted by Joe : 11:21 PM  

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