Saturday, May 28, 2005

Le Buci

On date night, a few friends got together to head out to a vernissage or art show opening night in the 6th arrondissement. We had a French dinner at a decent restaurant, with many other English-speakers. I kept wondering why are these people, probably only in town for a few days, eating at this adequate place when there are so many good places around? I mean if I was coming to Paris, I'd do a bit of restaurant research. Then I thought, maybe they just couldn't find a place to eat without a reservation.

Here we were in the 6th... a fun, lively part of Paris on a warm evening and the area was crowded with people. There was a small band walking up and down the streets. The cafes used every available inch of their outdoor space and there still wasn't a free seat to be found. The line for the ice cream stand grew longer and longer as the evening continued.

I'm a big fan of ice cream, and I really have never understood this Berthillon thing. Maybe that is the best ice cream in France, but I always thought the American ice cream was better. On Thursday night I was reminded of what country really is the best at ice cream... Italy. We stopped at Amorino for some amazing gelato.

It seemed like people just had to be outside to enjoy the warm weather. Live music. An art show. People sitting outside eating from those round Paris cafe tables. It was truly a Paris moment for me. One of the many reasons I love this city.

Le Buci

-- said Auntie M in Paris
11:17 PM



ice cream/gelato, art, music, sidewalk cafe, interesting people, Paris ... sigh!... so much fun.

# posted by Becca : 3:43 AM  

Your posts always make me yearn to return to Paris. I shall be lookign at my vacation calander soon and of course I will blame you if plane tickets are purchased.

Italian ice cream is glorious. Simply glorious.

# posted by Michele : 5:42 AM  

hi! came via michele's meet 'n' greet!

love paris! will absolutely go there one day...

... and i agree with you about ice cream. Italy wins hands down!

# posted by -xtessa- : 8:52 AM  

cool pics... Good Times...
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Good Times...

# posted by TB54 : 9:06 AM  

I agree, the amorino just blows all the others out of the water--

# posted by Coquette : 10:55 AM  

Once again - i absolutely agree with you. I also do not think Berthillon is everything the French make it out to be. In fact, i think there's a bit of the Emperor's New Clothes syndrome going on as nobody seems to want to actually come out and say that it's not so great - so i commend you! On the other hand, i would travel hours to get to Amorino. Especially for their Yaourt Gelato (my personal favorite). Luckily I live in the 7th so it's not far. it is without question - THE BEST ice cream/gelato in paris. I think we might have to head over there now!

# posted by Anonymous : 11:29 AM  

Ah, the memories -- I lived on rue du Buci for 7 years when I first arrived in Paris... what a great area... I too never really liked Berthillon -- I could never understand what the big deal was about those tiny, tiny scoops.... give me Chuncky Monkey or NY Super Fudge Chunk any day...

# posted by Magillicuddy : 11:24 PM  

Becca, It was a perfect night hanging out with friends.
Michele, Always enjoy a visit from you. You really do need to plan a visit here. You know you want to.
xtessa, Welcome and thanks for your comment.
tb54, Thanks for the info!
Coquette, The coconut was absolutely amazing.
Mismel66 and Magillicuddy, Thanks. I'm always amazed at the number of tourists that have to go to Berthillon. Why? Get some Ben and Jerry's.
Mis, I'm completely jealous that you live close to an Amorino, but I'm weak so it's just as well that it is far from me.

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 11:44 PM  

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