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Since Wednesdays are half days at school, I usually don't plan much in the morning because I have to prepare sandwiches and other stuff for our picnic at the Jardin D'Acclimatation before golf.

But... do you ever have a bad hair day and say to yourself.... ca suffit! I must get this hair cut now. Well, I decided that yesterday morning. I had an hour to spare in the morning, so why not? I get to my hair salon, Jean Claude Biguine (wow -- 9 stores in the US!), at 9:10am and wait for them to open the doors at 9:30am. I've done this before and seen the French women wait right at the door until someone comes to open up the store -- before the official opening hours. So at 9:25am I alone am let in to the salon. I can't believe my luck; I'll be out of here by 10:15am!

The woman asks me what I want and I tell her I like my hair longer and would just like a small cut (not knowing the word for trim). She says fine while washing my hair. She brings me to the chair to get my haircut and says, with great fanfare something like allee, on commence/ come on, let's start. Her first cut takes off about 4 inches from my hair. Clearly, she didn't understand what I wanted. She cuts my hair and is finished by 10am. She says that it's quite a change (and it really is!) and that's when I remember that in the beginning conversation she asked if I'd like a change and I must have nodded because deep down I wonder if someone will do something magical to my hair just like those amazing makeover shows on US TV now.

The hair stylist is so proud of her work, she'd like to do more. There is no other customer in the store. This has never happened before in the 5 years I've been going to this place, but I've never gone on a Wednesday morning. So she asks if I'd be willing to get my hair colored (which I do every few months) and highlighted to show off the movement of the new cut. I find it so hard to refuse these kind of requests...

So I go over to the woman who does the color, who I've used before, and she colors my hair and then starts to look over my hair to determine where the movement is supposed to be. She asks me if I think she should call the stylist over (clearly the colorist's superior) and I wholeheartedly nod. This is important stuff figuring out the movement and I certainly don't know where it is located! So the stylist comes over and parts my hair this way and that and then starts pointing her finger where the highlights should be placed.

Not since I came in second place in the middle school "best hair category" (after Vanessa Cabrera) has my hair gotten so much attention and I it was fun. After the color and highlights were complete I was getting my hair washed next to someone waiting to get their hair cut. The stylist came over and said, I must take this woman first (me!) and then I will help you. I think I became this woman's pet project. She blow dried my hair (unlike the US, this is a big deal in France and this part of the process alone can cost more than what I paid in the US for a wash, cut, and dry) carefully pointing out how to show off my movement and that I should not brush my bangs to the side because that is a "too classic" look (for me??).

I did like the cut and color when the whole process was through, but what really got me was the fact that I got compliments on my hair from a few friends. Even a French father of one of my daughter's friends asked me if I'd gotten my hair done because it looked nice. I almost choked on the food I was eating because it almost seemed to personal coming from a French man.

Anyway.... I'm afraid I didn't capture the real movement of my hair, but I thought I'd try anyway. Sammy, I was thinking of you when I took this picture!

-- said Auntie M in Paris
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I was just in Freiburg, Germnay about 6 hours north of Paris- -and my and my hair done there-- I have had more comments on my hair since I returned than ever. My stylist claims much more school and techniques are learned making Europe superior stylists? Maybe true, Non?

# posted by Pecos Blue : 2:48 AM  

So cute! I am jealous. I haven't had my haircut since September! I used to have a short cut and now that I have grown out my hair I have been lazy in the cut department! Must have been nice to get all that attention. Good for you!

# posted by mommy d : 2:49 AM  

So pretty! You inspire me... I am too afraid to get anything other than a straight-across trim whenever I need one. Maybe next time I'll be as brave as you, and experiment a little!

# posted by Janna : 4:47 AM  

Brava Auntie M! You look wonderful. That is one mis-communication that went swimmingly. (I hope your eye is all better. That looked very painful.)

# posted by Moms' Style : 5:47 AM  

it looks beautiful!

# posted by irene : 6:53 AM  

What a fun post, and the hair looks great Auntie!

BTW, when I only want a trim I say, seulement un 'rafrichissement'.

# posted by Sammy : 9:46 AM  

Very Chic !! After the embassy, the park wardens, etc., I was expecting a horror story, so every new paragraph I was holding my breath... !

# posted by Magillicuddy : 10:17 AM  

I can't believe you posted about a haircut today. I've been reading your blog for quite a while--I'm an American living in Korea. Today I went and got my hair cut and it is horrible!! I'm so mad! The funny thing is that what I wanted was more like the cut you got--sorta choppy and casual. But he gave me something neat and prim, ugh. The only nice thing was a wonderful scalp massage that comes with every Korean haircut. I am just starting a blog, so maybe I should write about my haircut.


# posted by Sandra : 12:20 PM  

I would love a hair cut with movement rather than the mop I'm stuck with! Very nice hair! :)

# posted by Margie : 3:05 PM  

Me too, I was holding my breath for fear of reading a horrible experience at the salon for you. But wow! It is a nice cut and the color - now I know the kids get their wonderfully, red hair. Wonderful what a really nice cut does for your aura. Terry in SF

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# posted by mrsmogul : 6:14 PM  

Wow great cut - love the colour too.

# posted by Anonymous : 6:28 PM  

So nice. I love getting my hair cut/colored...hate the expense but consider it a treat and get it done. Yours has turned out lovely.

# posted by daisy : 7:17 PM  

PB, Who know? There are probably great stylists everywhere...but I don't want to pay their prices! I just got lucky this week.
mommyd, It was a lot of fun to get the attention. Thanks for the compliment.
Janna, I really enjoy having a change. Even though this cut was shorter than I was planning, it did come in handy when the temps went up to 95 degrees here today.
MS, Yes, it's true... this mis-communication worked in my advantage.
Irene, Thanks!
Sammy, I was hoping someone would tell me the word. Thanks.

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 11:54 PM  

Love the new 'do!!

# posted by panthergirl : 5:52 PM  

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