Friday, June 17, 2005


Excuse the normal blogging content for this newsflash of useless information. Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes on top of the Eiffel Tower this morning! I can't get over that yucky feeling I get when I see pictures of them. Let's see how long this relationshp lasts.

Katie and her movie come to town...

-- said Auntie M in Paris
4:00 PM



LOL I don't know why I think it's kind of creepy myself that Katie Holmes, who's like a couple of years older than me, is going out with Tom Cruise, who's a year or two older than my mother.

I mean I guess it's their business, but that was one quick dating engagement. I don't understand why people in Hollywood seem to love to get married and divorced so fast. Look at J. Lo.

Though the Britney Spears-Kevin Federline thing I think disturbs people more... but who knows.

# posted by Joe : 9:55 PM  

I just talked about this with my husband. I feel yucky too. it's just that I don't understand. especially all the buzz surrounding this relationship. I mean, I wish I could tell them to shut up a little bit, there are more serious issues in the world than their, what, 4 weeks relationship?

# posted by irene : 10:20 PM  

I was amazed that it was front page news ... News? Tom Cruise getting married again?! News?!

# posted by Becca : 3:51 AM  

I have had a gut full of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Urgh! He is SOOOOOO over the top, it does my head in! Does he think he is the first to propose in such an environment? In his own head maybe...

# posted by Melody : 5:25 AM  

Top of the Eiffel Tower? How cliche. All the money in the wold can't buy the guy some originality. :)

# posted by Janna : 5:34 AM  

Joe, Yes, creepy is a good word.
Irene, It's hard to take the relationship seriously when it seems they spend most of their time talking about it to the press.
Becca, Being so far from the US, I'm actually shocked at what CNN sends me as "breaking news," although to be fair, thankfully Cruise/Holmes didn't make their cut.
Melody, He does seem to think he's very special. My girlfriend and I were wondering what special treatment he got... going up when the ET was closed, of course.. but what else?
Janna, That made me laugh, but it is so true.

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 8:27 AM  

That's all I can even muster.

# posted by BohemianMama : 7:17 PM  

My wife and I once spent 20 minutes or so alone at the top of the Eiffel tower and THAT didn't make the news, although it should have.. it's extremely rare to find yourself solo up there!

As for Tom/Katie/Britney/Kevin/Ben/Jennifer (Garner)/J-lo/whatever.. it's all crapola and you'd all be better off not paying any attention to it.

I worked in Hollywood and I've seen plenty of things that never make the press, plus read plenty of things that just aren't true. Publicists rule the roost and movies aren't the only things that are scripted and served up with a flash and a smile- pretty much everything else is too.

# posted by DaveRhodester : 3:42 AM  

I just feel sorry for the guy. He's so much more the talented actor than Brad or George or most other leading men. I think the last commentator is right about publicists ruling the roost. The whole relationship gives me a creepy feeling and it has nothing to do with their age difference...

# posted by Coquette : 3:22 PM  

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