Friday, June 24, 2005

Birth Name

A friend of mine lived in Paris for a couple of years before moving back to the US years ago. While she was here she bought her two children name paintings. She recently gave birth to her third child and asked if I could order a new painting. Well, I got the call today and picked up her new painting. One is for her child.
Aren't they cute?

-- said Auntie M in Paris
10:56 PM



Hi, Can you point us to a website, if available, where you get this done? That would be fun to do. They're adorable. Thanks! cpr

# posted by Anonymous : 1:23 AM  

Oh gee, I LOVE them!!! I am inspired to do one for my Monet. Thanks Auntie M.

# posted by Melody : 5:35 AM  

CPR and Melody, I'm sorry to say that I don't think you can order online. I guess you could try to call the place directly. The signs are cute. Here is the website. http://www.proximedia.com/web/reves-lutin.html

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 9:09 AM  

I like the cheerful colors, and the childrens names on them would make a child feel very special. These are ~happy quilts~, how large are they? Wanted to let you know, I posted pictures of my pressed (dried) flower cards today. The pics don't do them justice. They would be fun for children to make, have to collect and dry some flowers though.~back to quilts, I hope you post a pic of the quilt your Mother-in-law is making your daughter. I'd love to see it.

# posted by Maggie Ann : 5:45 PM  

I wonder what they do if the child's name is really long, with lots of different letters?

# posted by Ingredient Sleuth : 9:31 PM  

I LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much for all your efforts! You're the best.


# posted by Anonymous : 9:37 PM  

Those are so cute! I'd love to get one for my son.

# posted by Josie : 6:28 PM  

Lurker here, popping out to say that I found a website with a little information in English about the artist. There is a contact button for the site, so perhaps it would be possible to order online?

# posted by Bonnie : 8:09 AM  

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