Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I Love Paris Every Moment of the Year

You know when you find out some information and you just need time to digest what it means and how it will affect your life? Well, for a while now I've known that I will be leaving France next month. Although this is no surprise to the people that see or speak to me daily, I just didn't know how to write about it and tell you loyal readers. I am sad because I do love France. I have a healthy relationship with Paris... every day I fall in love with the city but some days the people and rules drive me crazy.

My husband took a new job working for the Federal Government in Washington DC. He started his job weeks ago and I've been here trying to get through my days as a single parent. My husband wisely came back to visit my birthday weekend, but I will not see him again until mid-July. For those of you wondering why I'm visiting your blog less often, this is the reason.

One reason I haven't blogged about leaving Paris is that I don't want people to feel sorry for me because I'm at peace about moving back. I also don't want people to tell me every day how much I'm going to miss Paris. I know that. I love my life here. Although when I think about what I will miss the most.... it is my son's best friend. He's become like a second son in my family and I will miss being a part of his life.

My son's friend G eating a burrito for the first time in his life. He had two that night at dinner.

The rest... I know I will be back to see this beautiful city, eat the wonderful food and keep up the friendships that I've started. There are too many things I'm going to miss, but I know this will be on the top of my list...

Although I didn't think I'd ever like "going for a coffee," I have come to relish these moments with my friends.... Anna, Miriam, Ania, Denise, Pauline, Lisa, Michelle, Irene, Marie, Valerie.

I love Paris in the spring time
I love Paris in the fall
I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles
I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles

I love Paris every moment
Every moment of the year
I love Paris, why oh why do I love Paris
Because my love is here

Cole Porter

-- said Auntie M in Paris
12:19 PM



I can't believe you're leaving!! I loved your blog so much!
I hope you will have time to go one last time to all the places you like and to do what you had planned to do but never actually did. Enjoy the lasts weeks!
Thank you for sharing your parisian experience with us.

# posted by camomille : 1:24 PM  

Well I'm going to miss your tips and trips which are far better than any guidebook! But it sounds like you're gearing up for the move back - and I'm glad you're at peace with the move. I look back on NYC in the same way and rest assured you'll always carry a city like this in your heart.

# posted by L'Oiseau : 1:44 PM  

I've loved living Paris thru your eyes as I don't ever expect to get to visit or if I do to ever know it the way you have gotten too.

Good luck in DC I'm sure you will be happy wherever you are.

# posted by daisy : 2:33 PM  

Oh Auntie, I regret I was not able to meet you while you were here!

I do hope you keep blogging, even if it is not from Paris. I'm sure you aleady know that DC is full of blogging material!

# posted by Sammy : 2:33 PM  

Oooooh...I gasped when I scrolled down and saw the cafe creme & baguette from Paul! That was my favorite cafe in Paris!!! Thank you, thank you :-)

As for leaving, I'm sorry you have to. But DC will be interesting...great museums, great restaurants, etc., etc. I wish you luck and much happiness!

# posted by Janet : 2:59 PM  

There you go, you've made the announcement.... Are you going to "will" your blog to some other ex pat Mom in Paris?

# posted by Magillicuddy : 3:17 PM  

I just wanted to say that I love your blog so much--I spent my junior year of collge in Paris and reading your posts reminds me of all the charming sights and sounds that Paris has to offer. I haven't been able to make it back since I graduated (about 2 years), so seeing your stories and pictures helps me remember why I love Paris so much.

Good luck with the move to DC! Incidentally, I live and work in DC, so if you ever need a Francophile babysitter, let me know. :-)


# posted by Anonymous : 3:54 PM  

WOW! I knew at some point you were to move back but I guess, that the time you mention it will be a surprise to your fams no matter when it happened. Now your friends in Paris will have a good reason to visit DC. Hope the move goes well. (Hmm, not having your blog to read all the time will leave something of a hole in my day.) The best, Terry in SF

# posted by Anonymous : 4:46 PM  

For those of us who rarely get the chance to travel and never to places like Paris, you have my thankyou!! You have shared Paris in a wonderful way, and I sincerely hope you keep blogging from DC or wherever you live. I'd miss you! (I still have some of your archives to read = ) and am looking forward to that and to whatever you post whenever you can.

# posted by Maggie Ann : 5:10 PM  

I will certainly miss your photos and the armchair travelogue of Paris and its surroundings. Maybe you will do the same for DC and we will all learn somthing about that city too.

# posted by kenju : 6:45 PM  

I hope you still continue to blog. I'd love to see DC in your eyes.(-:

# posted by BohemianMama : 7:24 PM  

Delurking for a second ...

I for one will be sad to see your blog go. While blogs by their nature are an exercise in ego, yours was refreshingly only about you tangentially and only when it fed the point. You taught me a lot about Paris that I didn't know (in fact a lot of things the French themselves probably don't know.) I enjoyed the every day nature of that info and I admire your dedication.

What are your plans for the future? Blog about DC? Book? Well earned rest?

# posted by Dan : 7:37 PM  

i've enjoyed reliving paris through your eyes. but DC will be wonderful as well.

and you made an excellent point. what we really miss most of all are the people we meet and must leave behind.

# posted by maryse : 7:37 PM  

Be sure to take LOTS of milk jam with you when you head back to the U.S.!!! And thanks so much for your nice comments re. my current blog posting on that subject! They warmed my heart because they hit at the very core of my reason for starting my own blog -- to help other people find good things in less time than it took ME to discover them.

The SAME thing, of course, that you have accomplished so beautifully with your Paris blog. So, here's an idea -- how about doing a Paris Memories/Plans Blog for awhile, once you are settled in D.C.? I know that we shouldn't dwell on the past, and that you will love D.C. But, it's never too early to start compiling a list of the things that you most want to do the NEXT time you visit Paris. And you have the best list-development skills one could have, after your time there.

Just think how much fun it would be for your readers to supplement their own Paris list-making with your knowledgeable thoughts! Maybe, during your adjustment phase in D.C., an occasional (even if not daily) pondering of a francophile nature, would help both you and your readers through the transition. For one, I know that I would LOVE it! Anyone else agree?

Sending you all the very warmest wishes for easy going with the multitude of things that you currently have on your agenda. Clearly, YOU will do well wherever you go!

# posted by Ingredient Sleuth : 7:43 PM  

Also delurking :) Have enjoyed reading your blog, sounds like a great new adventure you're heading for in DC. Best of luck back in the States!

# posted by fraise : 9:23 PM  

oh Auntie M--- I will miss your unique take on life in Paris as it has been such a source of joy for me in recent months. I know you will continue to find beauty and pleasure in your life stateside because that is clearly your approach to life.

Thanks ever so for all the wonderful posts you have shared with us from my favorite city in the world. ~ bluepoppy

# posted by Anonymous : 9:30 PM  

I will certainly miss reading your blog and learning more about the city I moved to nine months ago. Thank you so much for your advice and inspiration!

# posted by Oz : 9:33 PM  

Here's wishing you an easy move (or as easy a move as possible) and a good life in D.C.

And do keep blogging!

# posted by Sophie : 10:46 PM  

hi - oh this is news, but forgive my french ok, DC is hell in July and August ... but you will be fine, soak up all that is Paris and keep us up to date on being a Washingtonian, but ah, um, book you a trip back to france next July and August!

Things to do in DC, museums & memorials, free concerts at the capitol. Or the beautiful bay :)

# posted by Patty : 10:57 PM  

I will be sad not to read your updates on Paris. Having just left the DC area I know there is a ton there to blog about. Hope you continue because you do have a gift! I hope your last moments in Paris are marvelous and you travel safely back to the states!

# posted by mommy d : 11:11 PM  

WOW! You're leaving Paris! You can change it to "A DAY IN DC"

# posted by mrsmogul : 12:29 AM  

Oh Auntie, as long as you keep blogging, no matter where you live, I think we'll all be happy.

And believe me, there's lots to blog about from DC. I'm still envious of you. ;)

How weird is it going to be now, living in Anglophone land again? I bet being able to completely communicate with everyone is going to be a shock. I know it was for me coming back from Italy, and I was there for only two weeks! I was still talking Italian for several hours after I came back: "'Would you like a drink, sir?' 'Sí signora, grazie...er yes, thanks!"

Hmm, well when I go to Paris myself in a year, maybe I can carry on the torch for you!

But don't stop blogging, because your blog is my favorite.

LOL I was just thinking, if my career plans go as expected, I'm probably going to put my own family through the same torment as your husband!

# posted by Joe : 4:38 AM  

I just learned of your blog a couple of weeks ago and I've been checking in nightly.
I was "torn away" from paris about ten years ago and I've loved reliving the day-to-day through your posts. I hope you keep the site up, so we can reread your memories--and plan for future trips.
I'm sure you'll have a wonderful life in DC.
And...you'll alway have Paris!

# posted by Anonymous : 7:05 AM  

Oh! That's so sad! I need your blog auntie M. I don't love this city. Your experiences have been a kind of remedy. Thanks a lot.

Hope you the best.


# posted by Anonymous : 7:24 AM  

Oh M - I will miss you and your great posts about the city that I love as well. I hope you will consider blogging about DC - another city that I love!

# posted by Pat : 10:10 AM  

I'm a frequent visitor to Paris and I loved your blog - it offered all sorts of neat and unusual insights into the city that I couldn't find anywhere else. I'll really miss you.

# posted by maribel : 2:52 PM  

I started reading your blog a couple of months ago. I have enjoyed it and have added several things to my Paris to do list for the next trip.

Reading your reports has become a part of my daily routine. I guess it is kind of like finding a great book, even as you enjoy reading, it will come to an end at some point.

I think when you step off the edge and go somewhere that is out of your comfort zone, it really makes you grow as a person.

I hope you will have wonderful adventures no matter where you go, best of luck.


# posted by Anonymous : 4:22 PM  

I'll have a big box of kleenexes waiting for you!! You'll miss it desparately, but I can't wait to see you and the kids!!

# posted by Anonymous : 5:15 PM  

I'm a recent fan of your blog and I love it. You've made a beautiful account of your life in Paris. Down the road, it'll be fun for you and your family to read your blog and revive old memories.

Welcome back to the States.

# posted by Shannon Lewis : 5:18 PM  

great! just what dc needs another blogger :rollseyes: just kidding looking forward to spoiling i mean spending more time with my niece and nephew and getting that lump off the futon....

the brother-in-law

# posted by Anonymous : 7:32 PM  

I've enjoyed it all! See you 'en famille' in Dublin, busy packing the bags for Brittany, anything else I need to bring for you!! Miriam

# posted by Anonymous : 9:36 PM  

I have enjoyed reading your 'Paris' blog over the last couple of months. I am kicking myself for not discovering you earlier. I do hope so much that you have a blog which you name 'A Day in Washington'.... *grin*

(I love that Cole Porter song too!)

# posted by Melody : 8:12 AM  

I can relate. We're leaving Germany after 2 short years. At first I was devastated, but this has been a really hard year, and I'm looking forward to a couple years of nice, boring, "normal" life. I hope you have a very easy move and that you will keep blogging from DC!

# posted by Bonnie : 8:17 AM  

Auntie M, I'm really going to miss your unusual guide to the ins and outs of Paris.

I hope you have a smooth move! Good luck for your new chapter.

# posted by Lesley : 4:32 PM  

I've never commented, but have enjoyed your blog very much. Thanks for all the posts and lovely photos.
Have a safe move and enjoy your new life in DC.

# posted by jules : 5:43 AM  

I'll miss you...

Paris will miss you...

Blogger's everywhere will miss Auntie M in Paris.....

Good Luck.....

Moving on is hard but memories are with us eternally, and nothing can take those from us......

au revoir et merci a adoré, aimé et manqué déjà

# posted by Yoggy Adams : 4:22 AM  

Wow! And I've just started getting to "know" you! I do hope you'll continue blogging from D.C. You do such a great job and keep it interesting to read. Good luck!

# posted by Michael : 6:11 PM  

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