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Rodin Museum

This past weekend it was the first Sunday of the month. That means that many museums have no admission charge. My son had three play dates that day (after coming home from a Saturday sleep over, eating lunch and preparing to be picked up for another play date he says "how come you are such a nice mom when I'm not as nice to you?"). Who knew the child would be so happy when I'm farming him out to others?

So I had some time with my daughter. I asked if she'd be willing to go to a museum and she agreed. I'd been wanting to go to the Rodin museum for a while. I've been there a number of times, but the last time was two years ago, when I went with my friend Claudia when our children were three years old.

Mothers often take their children to this museum because there are many beautiful sculptures in the garden area and tucked behind some large hedges, is a sand pit where mothers can sit while children play. The best of two worlds... a place to be social and have some culture.

Rodin is a lovely museum inside -- there are 16 rooms of his works, including the famous... The Kiss and The Door of Hell. One room is dedicated to the work of Camille Claudel, his lover, student and muse. Additionally, there are paintings Rodin collected from Van Gogh, Renoir and Monet.

My daughter and I walked into the museum to see a few of Rodin's famous statues. My daughter actually asked me to tell the stories of the sculptures. For instance, she was very interested in La Cathedrale where two hands are touching.

I read the little card descriptions of each sculpture, but her interest quickly waned as we realized the museum was hot and stuffy. She wanted out. We did a quick tour and left to walk around the many sculptures outside.

There are many great pieces outside on display. One of the best known by Rodin is The Thinker.

We walked around the gardens and I showed her where she once played. Of course, she didn't remember the sand box at all. We stopped by the cafe in the garden for a couple of drinks. It was a very nice day.

This museum is good for a family. There are lots of interesting sculptures, a beautiful garden, a restaurant to grab a lunch... and a hidden area in the back where the kids and adults can relax.

My daughter with the Monument a Bastien-Lepage

-- said Auntie M in Paris
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That is a nice set-up you mention as I have not heard of a museum (anywhere) that is designed as you say. My son's chaperone (a whole 3 yrs ago now) took the group here - maybe the one museum my son remembers and liked. Rodin sculptures are fun to pose w. too (as you know!). Rodin is quite popular - there are two popular museums in/around SF that have a collection dedicated to him.

PS - very nice question your son asks you.

Terry in SF

# posted by Anonymous : 12:42 AM  

What a beautiful picture of the Rodin Museum! It's postcard-perfect...sigh!

# posted by Janet : 2:07 AM  

I'm glad you two had a nice time. We spent hours at the playground at Luxembourg that afternoon, and E. made friends with a little boy visiting from Canada. I was surprised at how much English I heard--more anglophones there in one day than I've heard at Jardins de Ranelagh over the course of two years.

# posted by Lisa : 9:29 AM  

I studied art history and Rodin and would love to go to that museum. Maybe someday! thanks for taking me there with your photos.

# posted by mrsmogul : 12:33 PM  

Your children are so lucky to have indulged in great works of art at such a young age. I am sure in the future they will remember the great times they had in France and remember all those great works of art you have shown and shared with them...

I would love, love, love to take my Monet to Paris one day and show her all those Monet places and paintings... I am jealous, you realise this yes? :)

# posted by Melody : 2:02 PM  

Lovely photos. Thanks so much for posting them. I've been interested in Rodin for the last couple of years - my favorite statue is at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, DC and I visit it whenever I'm there.

# posted by CJ : 2:02 PM  

Oh, delurking to say I just love your blog. I love the armchair travel and your stories. These pics of the Rodin museum are lovely. It's one of my favorite museums in Paris.

# posted by Kat : 9:05 PM  

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