Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Harry Potter

During the week I spent in Brittany with my girlfriend's family, her oldest son was reading the 5th Harry Potter book. He took it with him everywhere, talked about the characters, and made up games, like a version of Quidditch in the swimming pool.

Once we left the family, my son had a sudden strong interest in Harry Potter and asked that we buy him the book to read. I'd read (and he read at school) the first book to him in English, so we bought the second book for him to read in French. It was funny that he read the first set up chapter and had lots of questions about what was going to happen or why did such and such happen. We had to tell him that the rest of the book would explain it all and that was the fun of reading. I think (hope!) a little light popped on.

He carried the book around everywhere, just like his friend. He reads a few pages everyday. There is nothing like an older kid so interested in reading a book to make it interesting for a younger child.

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That is wonderful, your son asking! for a book! And he is keeps reading what is quite a large size book! Tell him he has a few more to look forward to, each one I believe gets better. Hope he enjoys it lots.

We bought the 6th one at an independent bookseller, still more in cost than say, a Borders. It was a "good lesson" in explaining supporting the independent sellers when possible. Terry in SF

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And so impressive he reads it in French...it must be wonderful to be bilingual at that age...and to probably not even realize the gift!

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My DD was your sons age when she read the first book. When book 6 came out a couple of weeks ago, we went to the midnight release party. It was tons of fun to do an activity that promoted reading! She finished book 6 in 2 days and is now in a funk because there won't be a new one for quite a while.

Congratulations on your reader!

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Love the books. Drags children into a world in which they can actually exercise their imagination. Hope he gets through them all!

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Love the books. They engage the imagination, which is wonderful. Totally addictive, hope he gets through the lot!

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Voila...Encourage him to keep reading and to keep up his French!! I started out as a Bi-Lingual[French]child, but lost it as I didn't keep it up until High School...now I'm back at the Alliance Francaise catching up. It's so nice to have a bookworm in the family. I'll miss your posts from France, I'm savoring everyone!!

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Aunt J. will be glad to help him with Harry Potter, she's a bit of an expert on those books. The movies will suit me for the time being.

The brother-in-law

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You people better open your eyes to what you are letting (encourageing no less) your children read. dont be so easily fooled. open your eyes!!!

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That's awesome! Harry potter is great!

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