Friday, July 22, 2005

Carnac Revisited

On our last evening in Port Crouesty, my friend's husband and my husband drove from Paris to meet us in Brittany. My girlfriend and her family left the next day to start the trip back to Paris. We decided to spend a few more days enjoying Brittany. We left our apartment and started driving toward our hotel in the western tip of Brittany.

My husband decided he really wanted to see Carnac so we stopped by there again. They are quite a spectacular site. I like my pictures here, but unfortunately they don't give you a sense of how the stones are all lined up from east to west. In Carnac, there are many fields of standing stones or menhirs in the area. In the summer you are not allowed to walk through the fields because of the large number of visitors.

The picture below is the most famous field because the stones are so large.

While we were on Belle Isle en Mer, we walked through the Fort Vauban musuem. The museum had an exposition on stone alignments. Here is a diagram of how the huge rocks were placed into the ground. I thought it was interesting.

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I have fond memories of Carnac which your photos brought back. My husband and I visited it some 20 years ago and, of course, it looked just the same. My favorite feature was that the field we saw was surrounded by houses and had a road going through the middle, on which an elderly Frenchwoman bicycled with her baguette strapped to the back. This obviously was just a feature of the local geography that the nearby people didn't think much about.

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Amazing, you always have such great pictures. Looks like another interesting place to visit in France.

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