Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Road Trip

My sister drove our families from Montpellier toward Brittany, but it was far away and we decided to make a two day trip of it. Although we were on one of the major highways in France, the scenery was often spectacular.

About an hour after we started our trip we passed the double walled fortress city of Carcassonne. Since it's so close to my sister's place, we've been there often. It's a great place to spend the day, however, you should be prepared that it is very commercial -- there are little stores selling souvenirs everywhere. In 1997, Carcassonne was added to UNESCO's World Heritage List and it is well worth a visit. I took a picture from the highway rest stop.... I think it looks majestic even from far away.

The fields that we passed along our route were also a feast for the eyes, especially the bright yellow sunflowers. Provence may have the beautiful lavender fields, but I never got tired of looking at the sunflowers of southwest France. It made the trip toward Brittany pass much faster.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
11:54 PM



Very beautiful

# posted by Ole Blue The Heretic : 2:26 AM  

I can't imagine living near so much beauty!

# posted by Margie : 3:54 AM  

I'm sighing right now at the gorgeous sights. Makes me think that the next trip to France has to include some driving. Even on the trains, I didn't see things as spectacular as this! Terry in SF

# posted by Anonymous : 4:30 AM  

When we were living in Spain we took a driving trip to Carcassonne. My husband had been there a few times when he would go cheer Lance at the Tour de France (We're from Texas!) and he thought the whole family should go see it. It is absolutely beautiful. While walking around inside the walled city there was a small cat walking around with us for a bit, he walked next to my youngest son's stroller, he was meowing the whole time, we can only imagine what he was telling us. Maybe he was our own personal tour guide and we did'nt realize it. That's my favorite memory. We got to the city early in the morning before all the tourists started coming so it was nice. It was easier to imagine it in Medieval times if you ignored all the touristy stores. We also went to Rennes le Chateau, which was nearby. I was curious about the church, it was so beautiful, we went on an overcast misty day so there were just us and a couple of other tourists. We had the whole place to ourselves. The dark misty day added to it's mystery. Of course we went before I ever read the DaVinci code so when I did read it I wished I had paid more attention to parts of the area. There is nothing like driving through the Pyrenees on a rainy day, it's like entering a whole different, peaceful world. Driving home to Spain I kept asking my husband to please, please turn around, I did'nt want to leave.

# posted by kitcatblue : 6:47 AM  

Thank you so much for bringing this beauty to our eyes. And smiles to our faces! 8>)

# posted by Ingredient Sleuth : 6:11 PM  

I have heard that you can actually watch the sunflowers move with the sun.

# posted by BohemianMama : 6:18 PM  

What an amazing picture!! I regret not seeing this site!! I am so envious of all your adventures!!!

# posted by Anonymous : 6:35 PM  

How beautiful a picture of Carcassonne. It looks enchantingly like the time of chivalry and knighthood. I can't imagine how delightful it must be to visit.

# posted by Maggie Ann : 2:17 AM  

I used to live in Toulouse and on the weekends my friends and I would take mini trips to the little cities near by, Carcassonne, Cordes-sur-ciel (amazing soap and its not touristy), etc, which were all amazing... except that I am not used to the Haute-Garonne winter (being from Texas!) but I would also highly recommend Rocamadour (not sure which direction its in) ahh memories

# posted by Amaranta : 8:41 AM  

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