Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sacre Coeur

On Sunday the family, along with the hubby's aunt and my son's best friend, took a drive to Sacre Coeur. Yes we drove. Of course it took us a while to park since Montmartre is closed to traffic on Sundays. It was the first sunny, warm day in a very long time and it felt great on the mind and body. We bought some very expensive crepes (note to self: shop for bargains) and walked around the artist colony next to Sacre Coeur where there are beautiful oil paintings and sketches of various Parisian sights. The artists will, if you have the money, create art for you ... pastels of your face, caricatures, and shadow silhouettes. We walked into the Sacre Coeur and bought a medallion (you're not surprised, I know).

After we'd seen the sights near Sacre Coeur, we headed down. I took the stairs and the rest took the funicular. We met at the little park at the bottom of the hill. There are a couple of slides, a little play house and a carousel. The kids played and then took a couple of turns on the carousel while the adults enjoyed a bit of sun on the face.

We had parked right in front of Le Chat Noir -- probably not the original. Unfortunately on the way to our car, since Pigalle (at the bottom of Sacre Coeur) is in the red light district, we had to pass about 10 sex shops along the way. Can someone please tell these people that putting colorful stringed beads for a door, playing loud music and hanging blinking lights actually attracts children? The sign above the door says minors are forbidden. My son can read, but not when it's above an 8 foot door. So my son ran in and out of the "bead door" before he heard me say "stop!" I suppose I'm glad his friend didn't do it too so I didn't have to explain anything to his mother.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
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See now we had the urge to buy a medal but couldn't pluck up the courage to use the machine, as its right in front of the door and the woman renting out the audio guides....

We wanted one we are just cowards

Pigalle is just a child mine field isn't it, and its flashing lights everywhere

# posted by Anonymous : 9:09 PM  

It was great to meet you at the Bloom workshop today!

When we went on the Open Top Bus Tour in December, my son took a photo of a sex shop. I asked him why he took a photo of the store. He told me that he liked the purple sign! By the way, is the red paint still on one of the domes of Sacré Coeur?

# posted by Oz : 10:50 PM  

I just saw a travel show with Mont Marte in it. They were saying it is a great "date" spot. Now I know why with a red light district so close. hee hee

If it's any consolation, my son would have done the same thing.

# posted by BohemianMama : 2:09 AM  

Say M, did you see our "friend" in the blue shorts and parka up there?
I would like to see Sacre Couer and the view (I've heard and read of). Terry in SF

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It seems driving to Mont Martre is a right choice. I remember I did
lots of hill climbing in the neighborhood.
I took off at a Metro station in Mont Martre...I forgot the name. I found there was an elevator from a platform to an exit. I just thought the elevator was rare in vintage Paris Metro. I should have noticed the station is so deep because Mont Martre is a hill. I noticed it while I was walking in the middle of the looong stairs to the surface. No local people used staris; only tourists like me did.

# posted by Teriyaki : 3:04 AM  

If you had gone in after him, you could have bought a second souvenir.

# posted by Philip : 6:57 PM  

That is too funny. I'm glad your son didn't see anything that would necessitate a life lesson a few years too early. But Philip is right, though, maybe they had a medallion!

Silent Cal

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No, it's not the original chat noir, unfortunately -which used to be on Boulevard de Rochechouard. The current is on (checks) Boulevard de Clichy

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Is the Belle de Jour perfume bottle shop still on the street at the bottom of Sacre Coeur? It belonged in a museum...I will look for it in September...

# posted by Rose from Texas : 1:49 AM  

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