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If you visit Paris for a week and want to see a beautiful Chateau, you'd probably make plans to go to Versailles. If you had a two week trip to France, you'd probably include a few days in the Loire Valley, visiting some of the many majestic chateaux. If you've already been to Versailles and the Loire, and liked French history, you'd probably take a trip to Fontainebleau.

My question is this... there are so many wonderful, amazing places to visit in France, when would you make the time to see Vaux-le-Vicomte (VLV)?? It is one of my favorite places to visit because it's charming, relatively compact, the grounds are well kept and it's only 45 minutes driving from Paris.

The flowers were out yesterday.

Easter Monday is a national holiday here in France so my husband had the day off. Last Easter Monday we spent the day at VLV because they have a special program of activities for the children. So... even though we were tired from our trip to Bruges and it looked like it might rain, we headed out to VLV.

VLV really has a wonderful Easter program for the kids. There are workshops on origami, chocolate making, and using a printing press. They also had volunteers put make-up on the children.

My daughter with her chocolate design.

Outside, the Chateau staff organized a fishing game where you could win small prizes, a fencing class, pony rides and a game course for the older children where you had to find the answers to questions about items outside of the chateau....e.g.. how many points does the fountain crown have?

Another family with two children the same age as ours joined us for the day. So not only did my children have many fun activities to choose from, they had a friend to share the experience. My husband and I were so glad we made the effort to go out there after all because it was a really lovely day. And.... it waited to rain until we got back into the car to head home to Paris!

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I thought Bruges was very pretty. Do you know that my husband can fly me there for lunch from England? Nice photos! I didn;t get to go to Versaille.

# posted by mrsmogul : 11:54 AM  

I've never been to France, but your Easter Monday sounds like it was great!

# posted by -E : 12:13 PM  

What a wonderful way to spend Easter Monday! Your daughter looked adorable with her chocolate creation and painted face. Did your son get his face painted, too?

# posted by Oz : 2:30 PM  

Green with envy! It's refreshing that you are making the most of Paris. I love all the neat things you and the fam are doing! Love all the pics.

# posted by Anonymous : 3:12 PM  

The best thing is that is really doesn't look too overcrowded with tourists!!

# posted by Sammy : 10:39 AM  

your daughter is so super cute in that photograph! adorable munchkin!

anyways... sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet... but I'm swamped this week till Thursday... so I'm on hiatus with plans till then... will email you later! I found the Japanese tea place but you can't blog about it otherwise it'll get packed!

# posted by NARDAC : 3:07 PM  

it's breathtaking! would make for an interesting side trip the next time we drive to Paris. Thanks for the trip!

# posted by AnP : 4:36 PM  

again, another great post that made me discover another great destination for the kids. thanks Auntie M!

# posted by irene : 5:20 PM  


# posted by Anonymous : 5:23 PM  

oh, that's so not nice... booooo... some people just don't know how to keep a secret.

# posted by NARDAC : 8:12 PM  

so, who won won the chocolate Easter egg this year?

# posted by Anonymous : 10:52 PM  

What a great way to spend an Easter monday.

# posted by Anji : 8:56 AM  

Your daughter looks really cute and so does her chocolate. What fun! Looks like you all had a super time.
And to think that I hear from French people that Paris is not a good place to raise kids. It seems like a GREAT place for kids based on your posts.

# posted by Anna : 9:34 AM  

mrsmogul, I really like Bruges.. too bad it is so crowded all the time.
e and Anji, Thanks. It really was a nice family day.
Oz, My son got his face painted in the end and chose a bird. It was very colorful.
CMAC, Trying to take advantage of my opportunities. They won't last forever.
Sammy, True, but the Chateau does need a regular stream of funds to keep going.
NARDAC, Tea sounds great... let me know a couple of possible dates.
Anp, Definitely worth a trip.
Irene, If I were taking the kids on a normal day, I might choose Fountainebleau before VLV. There are more places to run around and walk around in Fountainebleau.
Anna, I think city life is difficult for the kids, but there is so much culture!

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 4:09 PM  

Great tip, thank you. I've got a pile of guests coming and it's always good to be able to take them somewhere new and slightly non-standard.

# posted by Sierra : 4:42 PM  

Beautiful pictures^^ J'adore Vaux le Vicomte!

# posted by Sammi : 7:57 PM  

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