Friday, March 25, 2005

His First Time

On Wednesday my son had one of life's big steps. At least that is what two guys told me. After nearly three years of taking golfing lessons, on Wednesday my son had a sortie/trip to a golf course: Golf des Yvelines right outside of Paris.

My son could have actually taken the trip to a golf course much sooner in his life. The kids taking the trip meet about mid-way through my son's golf lesson and board a bus to one of the various golf clubs in the Paris area. The first year, I never even noticed the kids getting ready for the golf trip. I usually left the golf area right after dropping off my son because my daughter was too restless. Last year was the first time I noticed the group of kids getting ready to leave for somewhere.... but I just assumed the kids were older and they were going on some special event. This past Fall I finally got the nerve to ask what was going on.... why were all these kids leaving to play golf somewhere??

When the golf pro told me this was a regular monthly outing and that anyone taking lessons could sign up to come along, my first reaction was a bit of anger. Why hadn't anyone told me?

The golf guys know I don't speak French well. I never walked in to the golf club house (all the other parents walked in and greeted everyone) and therefore never noticed the signs posted about the monthly golf outings. Surely after two years of my son not attending the golf outing, I reasoned, someone could have mentioned the option to me. But I now realize.... it wasn't their responsibility. Maybe they thought I didn't want my son to go or that I had something else to do after the golf lesson. It was my fault. Just another problem with being an expat who isn't fluent in the local language.

So my son and his best friend went to a real golf course on Wednesday. Before they left, the golf pro spoke to me...

Him: Is your son going to the golf course today?
Me: Yes
Him: Is this his first time?
Me: Yes
Him: You realize, this is a big moment in his life?
Me: (trying not to smile or laugh) Yes
Him: This is a big deal.
Me: (just nod)

I tell this, what I consider to be an amusing little anecdote, to my husband. His response? "I'm glad they are taking his first time seriously!" I must be missing something.

For the record, my son and his friend had a great time. The boys did feel like it was a big deal.... taking the bus without any parents, carrying a bag of clubs, golfing on a golf course, getting a score....and the scores are posted online under the kids French golf license number.

They are looking forward to the trip next month. I've already signed them up. I feel so much better when I know what's going on.... being an outsider is so difficult!

-- said Auntie M in Paris
10:04 AM



heyhey, my husband also goes to the Golf des Yvelines.
anyway, congrats!!! yes, this is a big deal, my husband had a party with his friends when he first went out to play on the field!!! and he also had a party went he did his first par and his first birdie. when he does an eagle, i'm sure he's going to celebrate all night.
just wanted to ask, when did your son start learning golf? my son who is 3 spends all his days with his plastic gold clubs and balls in hand, but we don't know when he can actually start learning. thanks in advance!

# posted by irene : 11:48 AM  

As big an event for your son as it is for you! Congratulations to your son for getting this far! Terry in SF

# posted by Anonymous : 2:41 PM  

Irene, At the Jardin, children can take golf lessons starting at age 6. All the classes fill up, so if you are interested, you should sign up this summer for the Fall.
Terry, Thanks! I am proud of him.

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 7:30 PM  

WOW, that is big.
My son is starting baseball for the first time this year. I'm kinda nervous about it. He's never done anything like that before.

# posted by BohemianMama : 7:34 PM  

Interesting !!
There is a golf service in Parfis called "The Society of International Golfers" you should check out : www.internationalgolfers.com
They make it easier for expats to keep playing golf ... and speak English.
Friendly yours.

# posted by pmc : 4:16 PM  

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