Friday, March 18, 2005

Saint Patrick

Yesterday I hung out with my Irish friend. She brought me to the Centre Culturel Irlandais in the 5th arrondissement for a concert. First of all, we took the metro to Place Monge. I’ve never been to that part of town and it is so cute! My friend said they have a nice Sunday market. There is also a charming street… I’m definitely going back some Sunday to walk around.

Getting back to the Irish… The Culturel Center had a musical concert with the City of Derry Youth Choir. They sang a dozen or so songs, including Danny Boy, bien sur. They also played a few instrumental pieces that were very Irish and very moving pieces using the violin, harp, tin whistle and the bodhran.

The Centre Culturel Irlandais is a beautiful building with a spacious courtyard, where the choir sang. There is a plaque on the wall that my friend pointed out.

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Have you done the markets on Rue Mouffetard?(which is pretty close to Place Monge). I don't know if they have scheduled days, as far as I can tell they're there all the time, you can get super cheap raspberries there in August!
'La mouffe' is also on of the very oldest streets in Paris, and used to be a well trodden path along the trading route (it also, obviously, used to be much longer!).
There are plaques at several points along the road that explain the history of the road and some of its buildings. If you don't know it yet, I highly recommend you take some time to explore it when you do the Place Monge markets :)

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hi, how are you doing today? isn't the weather just terrific? i took the kids to Jardin de Luxembourg and it was crowded! are you planning to to write a post about the Matisse exposition? it would be great if you could!

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Nyx, I haven't been to the Mouffetard market, but I plan to in the near future. It was such a charming part of Paris.
Irene, Funny you should ask, but I'm planning to go to the Matisse exhibit a week from Monday (when it's open late) with my husband. A friend has told me it is a wonderful exhibit, but I'll let you know what I find out.

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