Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sunny Weather

Whine complain whine "its cold", "its freezing," Paris doesn't do cold well, I'm so co....

Uh ...

Summer arrived. I believe it must have been around 80 degrees yesterday. It was hot. Kids were running around without shirts at the Jardin. I had to roll up the legs of my daughter’s pants because she was “too hot” (say it with a whine to get it right).

Last Wednesday, I was wearing wool with a down coat. Yesterday I took off my shoes and socks and let my feet play in the cool sand while a warm breeze pushed against my cotton shirt.

When I was a teenager, I would try to appreciate when I had a really great day. To do this I rated my days in my diary. Today with my son and his best friend making their way to the top of the Effiel Tower climbing tower while my daughter was playing in the sand, my husband back again in Paris and the sun warming my face… it would definitely rate A+.

My son, his best friend and his best friend's previous au pair climbing the Eiffel Tower at the Jardin.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
8:34 AM



I love that you can still come across these jungle gym-type playground things over here... I can't remember the last time I saw one of these in the US (probably too many lawsuits).

And isn't the weather just gorgeous! Granted, it's breezy and a bit cooler here (like 15c), but still... I got to go out with only a sweater... no huge coat! How exciting!

# posted by kim : 10:02 AM  

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# posted by irene : 11:06 AM  

can you believe the weather???? i hope it will last more than a couple of days!!!

# posted by irene : 11:07 AM  

Yesterday, we actually went to the frozen food section at Monoprix to cool off!

# posted by Oz : 4:07 PM  

That Eiffel climbing Tower looks like so much fun!

# posted by delaïdo : 9:42 PM  

hehe.... wanna share a fresh glass of Rose ? ( King Negrito !:)

# posted by Anonymous : 10:35 PM  

All I can say is LUCKY YOU! In beautiful South Carolina it's been 25 degrees below normal for about a week. It was actually 6 degrees warmer in Chicago yesterday. You know who this is so I won't sign this note. Glad that spring is finally springing for you.:-)

# posted by Anonymous : 11:44 PM  

Kim, You are so right. You'd never see this Eiffel Tower thing in the US because the kids can just fall off. My daughter climbed to the top once and it almost gave me a heart attack. But I'm so glad they still exist here.
Irene, I love this weather and it's supposed to stay this warm for a while. Yeah!
Negrito, Only if you take my to one of those fun bars you talk about.
Oz, That is too funny.
Delaido, It really is a great climbing tower. Thanks for commenting.
Anonymous, Wow. A comment from you! What a treat. What weird weather... SC warmer than Chicago? Guess you won't be golfing for a while.

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 12:14 AM  

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