Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Cafe de la Gare

Yesterday I attended a school sortie/field trip with my kids. Both of my children participated in the field trip. That was a first. They really are getting big! This was a sortie hosted by the English class. We went to an English Theater show at Le Café de la Gare.

Le Cafe de la Gare is a traditional theater, but during the day the owner's American daughter (I believe) has been running, for many, many years, an English language show for kids. Kids from schools like ours, mostly French but where English is taught, come to these shows. It's very popular, in part because there are very few English language shows for kids in Paris. Our school usually books six months in advance.

The show yesterday was a medley of different programs.... the theme was a man (big) and woman (little) trying to make it big on Broadway. They sing such classics as "Twinkle, Twinkle," "Mary Had a Little Lamb," and "A,B, C." There was also a skit of Cinderella. It was very entertaining for a two person show. We took two buses, and I was a "helper" for my son's class. I saw my daughter when I walked in to the theater(she was very upset that her mother "choose" to go with her son, the English teacher reported) but stayed with my son's class. He really enjoyed this show. He's a Three Stooges kind of guy... loves the slapstick stuff and this show fit that bill. He was one of the few native English-speakers in the audience and he laughed --too loud-- but at all the right parts, so none of the teachers reprimanded him.

On a sidenote... I thought it was very funny that during the Cinderella skit, Tchaikovsky's 'Sleeping Beauty' music played in the background. All the 7/8 year old girls from my son's class started getting fidgety and talking amongst themselves. It took a second to realize they were appalled that the Sleeping Beauty music was being played during Cinderella.

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Hello Auntie M, I have recently become a faithful reader of yours. I send my children to a French school in Palo Alto- so many of your situations are very familiar to me. One American mother at our school was livid over the way Valentine's Day was handled in our children's English class.

But the reason I am writing is to commicserate with you about choosing to go with one young child's class over another. My eldest son is in the grande-section with my younger son is in the moyenne and thus we often have the same excursions and I have to pick a child's class ... oh the drama!

Thank you for your blog. It is a daily delight!

# posted by Tasha : 7:05 PM  

That is so funny the girls were appalled at the music. I remember being like that as a child.

# posted by BohemianMama : 1:25 AM  

Tasha, Thank you for leaving a comment. I always enjoy hearing from people... especially when they are so nice. I hope you write about your French school experience on your blog one day.. I'd be very interested.
BM, I really thought something was wrong with the girls.. they looked so distrubed... but they all take ballet and know the sleeping beauty music.

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 7:41 AM  

What was the name of the show -- the link to their website doesn't seem to have any info on this particular English language programm... thanks !

# posted by Jennifer : 4:47 PM  

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