Friday, April 15, 2005

La Fontaine de Mars

My sister and her family leave town tomorrow. My father and his wife arrived back in town today. So for our last night together (my France sister couldn't make it) we decided to celebrate another April birthday (there are four in my family) tonight with a dinner out.

My sister and I reviewed the Zagat's recommendations. They break their restaurant listings into all sorts of categories. We focused on the child friendly restaurants and ended up picking La Fontaine de Mars in the 7th. I can't remember the last time (ever?) my two children have been to a proper French restaurant.

There were nine of us in the group. When my husband and I looked over the menu, we realized that there was absolutely nothing that our children would happily eat on the menu. I actually told the waitress that the kids wouldn't be eating anything... they had no pasta, ham or french fries. She suggested a plain chicken (not on the menu) with some sauteed potatoes. Maybe that is why Zagat's rated this place as child friendly... maybe it really is more child accommodating.

The menu was traditional French and the food was good... everyone agreed, and believe me, that is saying a lot with my family. I had the sole meuniere and it was basic and good. My sister had the cassoulet and it was delicious. On the way out I bumped into a walking tour buddy who was out with friends. She said she comes to this restaurant all the time and always has a good meal.

The dessert menu... I had the sable/short cake with baked apples and a scoop of green apple ice cream. My husband and I ate it up.

After dessert, I rushed home with the tired children... it was after 10pm. My husband and brother-in-law walked home from the restaurant, through the Champs de Mars. They said is was a lovely night for a walk -- and they even saw the Eiffel Tower sparkle.

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We ate here quite often during our first "sejour" in Paris, but haven't been back this time around for some reason, although we always mean to. Thanks for reminding me about it!

# posted by Lisa : 2:08 PM  

sorry we missed the dinner...it sounds so good!

# posted by Louise : 6:09 PM  

I have just returned to SF after 10 days in Paris. I stayed in the 7e and walked by this place often. Thanks for reviewing it! My last night it was between there or Chez des Anges on LaTour Maubourg...I chose Chez des Anges, and must say I had a Superbe dinner!! You must try it! The foie-gras was formidable. I will try "La Fontaine" on my next visit in September! Merci!!

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i love this place, have been every time i've gone to paris. has a great feel. they have a fantastic ile flottant...to die for.

thanks for such an interesting read. i'm an expat blogger in munich should you ever want to swing by:


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I've been to La Fountain many times and think it's a real treat. I wrote about it on my blog.


In case you are looking for another treat, try L'Endroit which is near the Bastille...


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