Thursday, July 28, 2005


We left Brittany and started toward Paris. We made a last stop in the Loire Valley before reaching our final destination.

We decided to spend the night in Amboise. It is the location of one of the most interesting chateaux -- Chateau Amboise. Amboise is owned by the Fondation Saint Louis, which is run by the Count of Paris, who ensures the conservation of this historic building.

Leonardo da Vinci travelled to France in 1516 to enter the service of King Francis I at Amboise Chateau. He spent his last years down the street from the Amboise Chateau at Clos Luce. He died at Clos Luce on in 1519. Many of da Vinci's paintings were made while in France and can be found at the Louvre.

Here is one side of Amboise Chateau and the street that goes through the town. The church on the Chateau grounds is the Saint Hubert chapel which holds the tomb of Leonardo da Vinci.

Usually, when we stay at a hotel in France it is the Novotel. They are located outside of the city center, so you'd really need a car, but they are a family friendly hotel chain. You can always find a room for a family of four, which is often difficult here! Our hotel in Amboise promised a view of the chateau. Here is my family playing mini golf on the hotel lawn with Amboise Chateau in the background.

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Hello, Auntie M.
I hope your moving days are going well.
I was wondering if you had stole my holidays on purpose? Actually, I've been doing the exact same thing during my vacation: I've been on a presqu'ile in Brittany and in the Loire valley, near Amboise, just like you did. Those places are absolutely gorgeous. I Hope you and your family enjoyed it as much as me and mine did. i loved the chateau of Amboise but I was a little disappointed by the Clos Lucé. All the others castles are beautiful too: Chenonceau, Ussé, Langeais Azay-Le-Rideau...
I love your blog and I'm looking forward to read your adventures in D.C.

# posted by camomille : 3:48 PM  

The sunlight hitting the castle in that first shot is just beautiful. Now you've got me thinking about Leonardo...

# posted by Philip : 2:23 AM  

Time to "de-lurk" and surface to tell you how very much I've enjoyed your clear posts, your photos, your dynamism, and your generosity in sharing the details of Paris and your life there. I am one more person who longs to live in France, and you provided a wonderful daily escape. Merci bien, et bon courage, et a tres bientot. Karen from Massachusetts

# posted by Anonymous : 3:20 AM  

Gosh, these chateaus you have been photographing for us are really beautiful. I always enjoy the background/tidbits, esp. this one.

da Vinci didn't have it too bad here did he?

Terry in SF

# posted by Anonymous : 3:22 AM  

Dear Auntie M,
Boy will I miss you tons! I love reading your blog and you have been a great friend to me! Don't forget to email me once back in America. andrew, Emma and I wish you and your family safe travels!

# posted by denise : 5:42 AM  

Clos Luce is a good place to take children. Lots of unusual outdoor things to play on, constructed along the lines of Da Vinci's inventions. What a brilliant man he was.

# posted by Taupe : 12:17 AM  

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