Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Gare de Lyon

Yesterday my mother-in-law wanted to check out the Viaduc des Arts. She had read my post about the arts and crafts ateliers there and wanted to see it for herself.

There are about 50 craftspeople on the Viaduct, creating works of art from wood, linen, tiles, bronze, paper, silver, stone, and iron. Unfortunately, it was Monday and many of the stores were closed and hosting workshops. We did have fun watching the people in the workshops creating art. It was a feast for our eyes to see all these interesting and varied pieces of art while window shopping. However, next time we are going back when we can actually walk into the stores!

When we were done with our walk we headed toward the Gare de Lyon to catch a bus back to arrive home in time to pick up the children from school. Although I've been to this part of town -- the 12th arrondissement-- a couple of times, I don't think I ever noticed the clock tower at the Gare de Lyon. It looked just beautiful yesterday. Maybe it's been recently restored?

-- said Auntie M in Paris
9:50 PM




Vous avez raison : l'horloge de la tour de la gare de lyon avait ete endommagee par la tempete de dec. 1999. Des travaux de restauration ont masque la tour pendant plusieurs annees avant qu'elle ne soit devoilee il y a un mois a peine.

# posted by jan-yves : 11:21 PM  

The family went through Gare de Lyon (when we were there 2 yrs ago) but I guess none of us looked up like you did. I wish we did as that is a beautiful tower. I am learning from your posts to look at things differently! Terry in SF

# posted by Anonymous : 3:44 AM  

I immediately thought "wow, that is one clean clock!" So even without Jan-Yves' explanation above, I would have figured it was restored.

It's nice, by the way, how so many European cities are cleaning up their landmarks after centuries of wear and tear and tons of pollution.

I have an old picture that a friend of my mother's gave me from when he visited the Vatican in the early 1980s. Everything looked so dirty compared to today.

# posted by Joe : 5:14 AM  

( out of place on this topic but...) Auntie M - look what they've found out since you been back from Egypt:

Terry in SF

# posted by Anonymous : 2:57 PM  

I was there on Tuesday evening to meet friends staying at the nearby Novotel. I noticed the beautiful clock tower, too!

# posted by Oz : 6:19 PM  

It is beautiful! And it sounds like such a nice time watching all the artisans!

# posted by Christine : 9:55 PM  

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